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Add a Little Tranquility to Any Room

Fountains aren't just for the outdoors anymore! Now you can bring the sounds and style of a garden fountain into your home with our indoor fountains. They're the perfect accent for your desk, coffee table, dresser, and more!

Do indoor fountains splash?

No! As long as your indoor fountain is properly assembled, the water should remain inside the fountain where it belongs. If you do experience splashing, double check the instructions to make sure your fountain was put together correctly and make sure the water level is not too low or too high. Adding river rocks or pebbles to the basin of the fountain can also help reduce any splashing.

Will I be able to hear the running water?

The sound produced by the running water varies from fountain to fountain.  Some of our fountains feature subtle, quiet sounds while others produce louder, more pronounced sounds. Many of our indoor fountains are adjustable so you can alter the volume of the fountain by making changes to the pump.


Health Benefits

Do indoor fountains provide any health benefits?

Yes! Not only are indoor water fountains beautiful to look at, they can also provide a myriad of health benefits. The soothing sounds of running water have been shown to reduce stress and can drown out distracting sounds which can help you fall asleep fast. Tabletop fountains are also natural humidifiers and add moisture to dry rooms.  


Unique Styles

Due to their compact size, indoor fountains are the perfect accent piece and can be placed in nearly any room. Our indoor fountains are beautifully designed and available in a number of styles to complement any decor. Whether you're searching for a unique decor item, relaxing sounds, or a simple way to make your home a little bit healthier, you are sure to be satisfied with one of our tabletop fountains!

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