Sunnydaze Patio Tables

Patio Tables - Perfect for Gathering and Enjoying Time Together

Create wonderful memories of spending time on the patio or porch with our selection of outdoor patio tables. The right patio table can transform a backyard or patio into a welcoming gathering space that is perfect for entertaining or simply unwinding after a busy day. Whether you have a sumptuous backyard or an intimate balcony, you’ll find the perfect patio table to fit your outdoor living space.


Which patio table is right for my outdoor living space?


We offer different patio tables to fit your needs and space. Enjoy a luxurious eating experience outside with our selection of patio dining tables. These are also great for enjoying board games and other fun activities outdoors.


If you are looking for a patio table to fit a small outdoor area, check out our selection of bistro tables. These are just the perfect size for two people or for gathering in a cozy nook by yourself.


Want to infuse a casual atmosphere to your outdoor living space? Our collection of bar height tables  will instantly give your patio or deck a more relaxed feel. They are perfect to pair with your choice of bar height chairs or for standing up and enjoying a good chat and drink outside.


Want more tablespace, but not necessarily for dining? We have side and coffee tables that will coordinate beautifully with your outdoor lounge sofa or sectional. These are perfect for setting down your favorite snacks and drinks, or simply displaying your favorite outdoor accents.


I want to add a table to my backyard, but don’t have a large storage area for it in the off season. What can I do?

Today, patio tables are available in different sizes and configurations that don’t necessarily require a large space for storage in the cooler months. We offer many patio tables that feature folding legs and tabletops for easy storage. When assembled, these tables still offer stability and a tabletop to enjoy dinner or good conversation. But when the table is folded up, it has a small storage footprint.

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