Sunnydaze Patio Swings & Loungers

Patio Swings & Loungers - Design a Relaxing Backyard Gathering Space

Enjoy a relaxing day outdoors in the comfort of your own backyard while unwinding on one of our patio swings or loungers. We offer freestanding options that are easy to place in just the perfect spot on the lawn or patio. Enjoy the fresh air while sitting in the shade of a patio swing with an overhead canopy. These are perfect for seating 2 or 3 people outdoors. 


Looking for even more relaxing furniture? Check out our selection of lounge chairs. From floating chaise loungers that feel like you're hovering on air, to cabana-style chaise lounges and beds that are perfect for taking mid-day nap outside, we'll have a style to help you relax and fit your exterior space.


Need something for around the fire pit or backyard BBQ? Our fan-favorite zero gravity chairs are sure to be a hit with your guests. These versatile chairs recline and make you feel like you are weightless. They easily fold for simple storage and portability. 


Are the canopies for the patio swings adjustable?

Yes, the canopies on our patio swings feature an adjustable tilt. Simply turn the knobs on the sides of the canopy and adjust to your preferred angle. This will ensure that you stay in the shade throughout the day.


How do I use the safety strap on my floating lounge chair?

The safety strap attaches from the bottom of the lounge portion of the floating lounge chair to the base of the frame. This will ensure that the chair won’t swing around while you are trying to get in and out of the chair.


Do you sell replacement parts?

Yes, we offer select replacement parts for some of our outdoor patio furniture. If you need new bungee cords for your zero-gravity lounge chairs, we offer them in a variety of colors so you can add a personal touch. If your floating lounge chair cushions and umbrella are getting worn, we offer replacement sets for an instant style refresh.

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