Sunnydaze Greenhouses

Greenhouses - Provide the Optimal Growing Environment

Our selection of greenhouses are designed with convenience in mind. The frames are durable, yet lightweight and many include shelves to set potted plants or seed trays on. The durable covers that go over the frames provide protection against the elements and create an environment ideal for your greenery to thrive. Whether you are prepping your seedlings for planting in the spring, or want to garden all year round, we offer a wide variety of greenhouses to fit your gardening needs. 


Can I use this greenhouse year-round outdoors?

Where you live greatly determines whether or not you can use our line of greenhouses outdoors throughout the entire year. If you live in an area where snow and ice accumulate, we recommend that you disassemble and store the greenhouse in a cool, dry location. Alternatively, you could also use the greenhouse indoors during the winter months in a sunroom or enclosed porch.


When should I start plants in my greenhouse?

In general, you can grow plants any time in your greenhouse. However, if you are planning to transplant your seedlings into your outdoor gardens in the spring, you should start your seeds in the greenhouse 6 to 8 weeks before the last expected frost date for your location. 

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