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Patio umbrella pole light glowing on the umbrella.Sunnydaze 2-Panel Patio Umbrella LED Light
Sunnydaze Beach Umbrella TableSunnydaze Beach Umbrella Table

Find a Portable Canopy for a Variety of Activities

Portable canopies are an excellent shade option for a variety of outdoor occasions. Whether you are watching the kids play soccer, managing a festival, farmer's market or craft fair booth or sheltering friends and family in the yard for a special occasion, Sunnydaze Decor offers shade canopies in a wide range of sizes, colors and shapes!

  • Designed to Last - all canopies by Sunndaze Decor are built for long-lasting durability using materials resistant to rust, dirt and rain. Legs are powder-coated steel or aluminum and reinforced canopy corners help ensure proper placement.
  • Square Canopies are incredibly multi-functional and are perfect for trips to the park, beach, camping. They are also great for outdoor gatherings like family reunions or summer holidays! Another use for 8', 10' or 12' square canopies are for market booths at festivals, fairs, and more.
  • Other Shapes and Sizes - our selection of hexagonal gazebos, and rectangular 10' x 20' party tents are ideal for backyard occasions like small weddings, graduation parties, and other outdoor celebrations.
  • Backpack Canopies - looking for something ultra-portable to bring to the field? Lightweight backpack canopies are the ideal companion for attending youth sporting events, trips to the beach, and any activity where you would just want to sit down and relax in the shade.
  • Shade Sails - if you are looking for a more permanent shading option, a sunshade is a durable alternative for the patio, pool or backyard. They are available in square or triangular options and get mounted to homes, trees, patio columns, posts or poles that are embedded in cement or concrete footings. The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material is easy to clean with soap and water and the stainless steel D-rings are designed to last through many seasons!

Relax in the Shade with an Umbrella by Sunnydaze Decor!

Bring extra shade along with you to the beach with a portable beach umbrella! We offer solid color options as well as striped varieties so you can choose one that you like best! They come ready to spike in the sand or ground so you can have a shelter from the sun on breaks from swimming.  

Beach umbrella accessories include an umbrella table that slides up the beach umbrella pole and provides room for drinks, snacks or mobile phones or cameras; an umbrella hook that gives you a place to hang your towel, and an umbrella anchor that will sturdily hold your umbrella in the ground for hours of beach fun!

Market umbrellas work well for patios, decks, backyards and more. Pair them with your favorite outdoor dining table, or use them free standing next to a furniture set or favorite chair. We offer a variety of colors and striped patterns to choose from. A solar umbrella will light up your outdoor space at night, with a built-in solar panel on the top of the umbrella. Just make sure the panel on top of the solar umbrella is in direct sunlight during the day and enjoy your umbrella at night by flipping on the LED switch for evening ambiance.  

Offset or cantilever umbrellas feature a cross base and a larger design that is perfect for pairing with loungers, conversation sets or dining tables without an umbrella hole. Don't forget to purchase cantilever base plate weights, sand bags, or paving stones to use to weigh down the base of an offset umbrella! Solar lighting options are also available with offset umbrellas so you can enjoy these at night too!

Sunnydaze Decor also offers some umbrella accessories that you can use to upgrade your current umbrella. These include umbrella bases for securing an umbrella under an outdoor dining table, or for use as a freestanding umbrella. Umbrella lights fit on the umbrella pole and tighten around it at the top. This way you can use your umbrella at night as a light source.

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