Sunnydaze Patio Accessories

Patio Accessories to Turn Your Backyard into an Outdoor Oasis

Looking for the right items to make your patio more welcoming and inviting? Check out our great selection of patio accessories that make your outdoor living space a delightful area to relax and gather outside. Make your patio or deck an extension of your indoor rooms with the addition of one of our outdoor rugs. Available in different sizes and designs, you'll find the perfect area rug to complement the style and color scheme of  your outdoor living area. 


If you're having a backyard get together, have cold beverages readily available with our drink holders and ice buckets. The ice buckets are perfect for chilling bottles or cans of your favorite beverages while relaxing and enjoying good times on the deck or patio. The individual drink holders stake into the ground to keep your favorite drinks handy while playing lawn games like bean bag toss or croquet.


When it's time to prep your backyard for the cold winter months, we have your covered with our selection of tarps and covers. Protect your patio heaters and hanging chairs from the elements with our strong and durable covers. We also offer multi-purpose tarps that are perfect for covering up firewood piles, furniture and more. 


When the snow flies, it's time to move it off the sidewalk and driveway. Easily clear and push the snow away with our selection of shovels. Have treacherous ice? Use our ice chopper to break up the ice and then push it off to the side.


We even have accessories to stay warm. Need a heavy-duty heating solution while you’re hard at work at the jobsite? We have a variety of forced air propane heaters that are designed with convenient carrying handles for easy portability. 


Can I leave my outdoor rug outside in the rain?

Yes, our outdoor patio rugs are made of strong and durable polypropylene that can withstand the rain. However, we highly recommend hanging or moving the rug to speed up the drying process as long-term exposure to moisture can cause mold and mildew. Proper rug care will prolong the appearance and quality of your investment.


Can I use a propane heater indoors?

When used properly, a propane heater can safely be used indoors. However, you will want to ensure that the space you are using the propane heater is properly ventilated with access to fresh air. For additional safety, it is best practice to also install a carbon monoxide detector in your home, or the space where you are using your space heater. For a more comprehensive breakdown of safety information, please reference the safety and installation instructions on the product pages for our propane heaters.

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