Sunnydaze Hammocks with Stand

Outdoor Hammock with Stand - No Trees, No Problem

There's never been a better combo than the hammock with stand. Not only does it include the ultimate comfort of a hammock, but the included stand gives you the flexibility to relax wherever you want as long as there is enough space.

Large Variety of Sizes, Styles, & Materials

We offer a large variety of outdoor hammock with stand types here at Sunnydaze Decor so you can find the best hammock that fits your lifestyle.


  • 2 Person or Double Hammock with Stand:
    • Double is a very popular size for hammocks. These hammocks are designed to support two average-sized adults or provide a bit of extra elbow room for a single person. The width of double hammock beds ranges from 52 to 60 inches while the length typically ranges from 74 to 79 inches.
  • Single Hammock with Stand
    • Single hammocks are the smallest hammocks available. The beds of single hammocks range from 39 to 50 inches wide and 76 to 79 inches long. These hammocks are typically capable of supporting one average-sized adult.


  • Quilted Fabric Hammock with Stand
    • Quilted hammocks are a special type of American hammocks. These hammocks provide extra cushion and support because they feature two layers of tightly-woven fabric stuffed with polyfill batting. This makes the hammock very soft and comfortable.
  • Rope Hammock with Stand
    • Rope hammocks are another type of American hammock with a spreader bar. These hammocks are loosely woven from thick ropes made of polyester or cotton.
  • Mayan Hammock with Stand
    • Mayan hammocks are beautiful hand-woven hammocks that are created using the same time-honored methods that served the Mayan people for centuries. These hammocks are a good option for sleeping because their design safely cocoons you within the hammock so you won’t accidentally fall out while you sleep.
  • Brazilian Hammock with Stand
    • Brazilian hammocks are handwoven and feature a traditional design that keeps you snugly in the center of the hammock. Brazilian hammocks have a tighter weave than their Mayan counterparts and are slightly shorter in length making them a good option for smaller indoor or outdoor areas. They usually can hold one or two people.


  • Cotton
    • Cotton is the material that has been used traditionally for hammock construction. This material has been used for years because of its soft texture, flexibility and more natural appearance.
  • Polyester
    • Polyester is a newer hammock material option that is more durable than cotton and better able to resist the outdoor elements like rain and sun.

For more information on all the different hammocks we offer and to find out which is best for you, make sure to read of comprehensive hammock buying guide.

Relax Away the Stress of the Day with a Comfortable Hammock with Stand

No matter what hammock with stand style you choose, you can rest assured that it will add maximum relaxation into your life. No need to worry about hanging your hammock or picking one location that is permanent when you buy a heavy duty hammock with stand, all you need to focus on is relaxing away the stress of the day.

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