Sunnydaze Hammocks Only

Relax your Cares Away with Colorful and Comfortable Hammocks! 

No yard or patio is complete without one of our beautiful hammocks to lounge in. We offer a wide variety of hammocks in a number of colors, patterns, and sizes. Our hammocks are comfortable, versatile, and you're to find a look that matches your decor.

Types of Hammocks

We offer a wide selection of hammocks in a number of different types, including:

  • Rope Hammocks: These hammocks are often made from cotton or polyester rope woven onto hardwood spreader bars. These traditional American hammocks can be found in backyards across the country! They can be double or single hammocks depending on the width and are a great way to spend a nice afternoon napping or enjoying the outdoors.
  • Quilted Hammocks: Another spreader bar style hammock, quilted hammocks feature a double fabric bed with some padding stitched in and ropes at each end attaching them to the spreader bars. The patterns, colors and styles are numerous making it very easy to find one to suit any style. Plus, most can accommodate two adults so you can share the hammock with a loved one or stretch out for some relaxation on your own.
  • Mayan Hammocks: These hammocks are handwoven in Mexico in many with vibrant colors and beautiful patterns. These hammocks have no spreader bars and are designed to cocoon around the body in comfort. These make great sleeping hammocks if you are looking for an alternative to a conventional bed as they are easy to hang on the wall and put away in the morning to save floor space.
  • Brazilian Hammocks: Another bed alternative, the Brazilian hammock is made from fabric and usually boasts vibrant coloring or patterns. Like the Mayan hammock, the Brazilian also cocoons around the body for comfort, making it easy to find a cozy sleeping position. However, the Brazilian hammock is also a bit shorter in length than a Mayan hammock and is great for smaller areas indoors or outdoors.

Soft Yet Durable Materials

Our hammocks are made of either cotton or polyester

  • Cotton: Traditionally, hammocks were made from cotton. These hammocks tend to have a softer, more natural appearance.
  • Polyester: Polyester is a more weather-resistant option and the colors are less likely to fade.

No matter what type of hammock you choose, we recommend storing your hammock inside when not in use to extend the life of your hammock.

Find the Perfect Size

We offer hammocks in several sizes so you're sure to find the perfect size whether you want a small hammock for yourself or a hammock large enough for the whole family.

How many people can use a hammock at once?

The number of people who can use your hammock at once depends on the width of the hammock bed and your hammock's weight capacity. The weight capacity refers to the amount of weight that your hammock is strong enough to hold. The bed of a hammock is the midsection of the hammock where you lounge and relax. The width of the hammock bed determines how much space is available on your hammock.

  • Single: These hammocks are designed to support an average sized adult and the bed width ranges from 39 to 50 inches. The length of single hammocks typically range from 76 to 79 inches
  • Double: Double hammocks are large enough to comfortably hold two average sized adults or provide a little extra elbow room for a single person. The width of the bed ranges from 52 to 60 inches. The length of the bed is usually 74 to 79 inches long.
  • Family: The largest hammock size we offer, family hammocks are designed to accommodate two to three average sized adults. Our family hammocks are typically 79 inches wide and 79 inches long.

The Ideal Addition to Any Yard, Patio or Garden!

A relaxing hammock will allow you to enjoy a moment of peace no matter where you hang it. With so many colors, styles, types, and sizes to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect hammock to complement your personal style as well as your lifestyle. 

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