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Warm up Your Space with a New Outdoor Fire Pit Today!

Gather family and friends around the enticing warmth provided by a captivating outdoor fire pit in the backyard! Sunnydaze Decor offers everything you'll need to use your fire pit safely and often!

  • Wood-Burning Fire Pit Styles - These wood-burning fire pits are typically suspended over the ground with a metal stand. All you need to do is add the wood and light your fire (Also, make sure you read our step-by-step guide on starting the perfect fire in a fire pit). You can find these wood-burning fire pits in a variety of different sizes and heavy-duty materials like steel, cast iron, copper and even fiberglass or magnesium oxide (MGO).
  • Chiminea Fire Pits are fireplaces with a potbellied body and a narrow chimney. Chiminea fire pits are better able to contain the fire due to their unique enclosed shape, which also allows them to retain more heat and create less smoke.
  • Portable Fire Pits are great for having fires on the go at the beach, camper, cabin or even for a day at the park if the park allows it. These portable fire pits can be foldable and come with a carrying bag and feature a bowl style pit and stand.
  • Fire Pit Rings are easy options for the backyard! Simply put the fire pit ring in a desired location and it's ready for use. They typically come in several pieces and it usually takes about 10-20 minutes to assemble the campfire ring with the included hardware.
  • DIY In-Ground Fire Pits consist of steel liners that are placed in the ground of your yard; you can choose how to install it whether you dig into the ground or purchase landscape blocks to install around it.
  • Gas Fire Pits - our selection of gas fire pits are designed with ease of use and style in mind. The gas fire pits feature electronic control panels with ignitions that are easy to start up and use. They come in a variety of style options with designs ranging from rustic to modern. Choose from fire pit tables including dining height and coffee table height tables as well as ordinary gas fire pits without table ledges.
  • Fire Pit Accessories - enjoy your fire pit to the fullest by choosing from our wide range of fire pit accessories such as grills, grates, spark screens, pokers, log grabbers, covers and log racks.
  • Cooking Grills and Grates are the best way to enjoy cooking over the wood fire! Choose one that fits directly over the fire pit, or select a tripod or adjustable cooking grill to make meals above the flames. Pair the cooking grill or grate with a wood grate to best optimize the oxygen and air circulation throughout the fire if your fire pit doesn't already have one built in!

While Using an Outdoor Fire Pit, Safety Should be Kept as a Number One Priority. 

A fire pit spark screen is a great way to help block large embers from escaping the fire. Choose one to fit over your outdoor fire pit or you can even select a wood-burning fire pit that comes with a spark screen included! A poker or log grabber is another safety measure to take in order to safely add or move the firewood within the outdoor fire pit.  

After putting the fire out, wait for the fire pit to completely cool and cover it with a protective fire pit cover to help keep it in good condition from the elements. These covers will help keep water and debris out of the fire pit so it's ready for use when you are!

Keep firewood ready to go by having a log storage rack nearby! Choose from smaller decorative racks, log hoops, medium 4-6 foot racks or 8-foot firewood racks that can hold up to a face-cord of logs! All racks feature a durable construction and we have protective covers available for most styles so you can keep your logs dry and neatly stacked.



Fire Pits

 Can I use a fire pit on a wooden deck? 

You should not place wood or gas fire pits on top of wood or composite deck boards without a protective surface made of fire-resistant material. Also, make sure that the fire pit is positioned at least 10 feet away from the house. For more information, consult our article, The 5 Do's and Don'ts When Using a Fire Pit on a Wood Deck.

 Is my metal fire pit rustproof? 

No, if exposed to the elements your fire pit can develop rust. To help prevent rusting, cover your fire pit when not in use and remove the ashes after each fire. For more information about preventing rust, check out our article, Why is My Fire Pit Rusting? (And How to Prevent It).

 Can I put sand in the bottom of my fire pit? 

Yes, you can put sand in the bottom of wood-burning fire pits.

 Can I use a fire pit underneath an enclosed/covered porch?

For safety reasons, wood-burning fire pits should never be used underneath a covered porch or patio.

 Can I drill a drain hole in the fire pit?

No, any modifications made can void the warranty.

Fire Pit Rings & Liners

 Can I assemble more than one unit to make a larger ring? 

No, our rings and liners can only be assembled as one unit.

 Is the bottom of the fire ring open?


 Do the paver stones come with the fire ring? 


Log Racks & Carts

 Can my log rack be used outdoors?

Yes, most of our log racks can be used indoors or outdoors.


 Can I use my chiminea indoors?

No, chimineas should only be used outdoors and at least 10 feet away from your home. They should also not be used on a wooden deck.

 Is my chiminea rustproof?

No, the chiminea can develop rust if left exposed to the elements for long periods of time. To help prevent rust, place a protective cover over the chiminea.

 Do you sell longer flues for the chimney?


 Can I cook food in the chiminea? 


Fire Pit Tables

 Can I connect my fire pit table to my home's natural gas line?

No, our fire pit tables can only be fueled by propane tanks.

 Can I use fire glass instead of the lava rocks? 

Yes, as long as the fire glass is intended for propane gas fire pit tables.

 Do you sell flat covers that can be placed on top of a fire pit table to convert it into an end table? 

No, not at this time.


 Can the propane heaters be used indoors?

Mushroom-style propane heaters are designed for outdoor use only and should be placed a minimum of 50" away from walls, ceilings, and other structures. Forced air propane heaters can be used in garages or construction sites providing there is enough ventilation provided. Please see the assembly instructions for full details.

 Can a space heater be used with an extension cord?

No, it should be plugged directly into a power source.

 Do the space heaters have automatic shutoff?

Both the propane and electric space heaters have automatic shutoff features.

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