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Firewood Log Racks - Find the Perfect Place to Store Your Firewood


Whether you're a fan of outdoor bonfires with your friends or want to enjoy a cozy night in front of the fireplace, firewood log racks are a convenient and stylish way to keep your firewood organized and ready to use. 

Why Should I Store my Wood in a Firewood Log Rack?

Heavy-duty firewood racks can help prolong the life of your firewood and allow you to burn better fires. 

Freshly cut firewood still contains large amounts of water and needs to be dried out before you can burn it. Not only will burning wet wood make it more difficult to start a fire and keep it burning, it can also create large amounts of creosote, a tar-like substance that can line the walls of your chimney and cause house fires. 

Log racks allow air to flow through your firewood logs so they dry faster and they help you stack your wood in a more organized way. Plus, log holders provide a convenient storage place for your firewood and keep the logs away from pesky insects so you're less likely to bring unwanted guests into your home with your firewood.

If your firewood is wet and you need to dry it quickly for your fire, make sure to read our in-depth article, How to Season Firewood - 6 Tips to Make Your Firewood Dry Quickly

Where Should I Place my Indoor or Outdoor Firewood Log Rack?

While your firewood is drying out or "seasoning", you should store it outdoors at least five feet away from your home. Placing a pile of seasoned wood next to your home can be a fire hazard, especially if you live in a dry area that is prone to wildfires. 

Do not store your firewood directly against the wall of a building either as this can trap moisture between the logs and building and cause your wood to rot. Protect your firewood from rain or snow by covering the log rack with a durable firewood log rack cover.

Once your logs have been seasoned, you can also store small amounts of wood inside your home using an indoor log rack. 

Like outdoor log racks, do not place your log racks directly against a wall. You should store a daily amount of firewood inside your home so you can easily keep your fireplace burning without constantly venturing outside for more wood.

How Much Wood Can my Firewood Holder Rack Store?

Firewood is measured in "cords". 1 cord equals 128 cubic feet of wood. Generally, this is how much wood each type of fire rack can hold based on its size

  • 2-Foot Firewood Rack: Holds 1/4 cord of wood
  • 8-Foot Firewood Rack: Holds 1/2 cord of wood
  • 16-Foot Firewood Rack: Holds 1 cord of wood

Find the Ideal Firewood Log Rack for your Home or Backyard!


Adding an indoor firewood rack to your living room or a rugged outdoor log storage solution outside next to your fire pit is an easy way to keep firewood on hand so you can keep the blaze burning. 

Keep your firewood off the ground, fend off pests, and season your firewood to perfection. Use our firewood log racks to conveniently store and dry your firewood indoors and out. We offer a number of durable yet stylish options in a variety of sizes to accommodate all your needs.  

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