Sunnydaze Fire Pit Rings & DIY Liners

Unique, Portable, and Versatile Fire Pit Rings

Whether you're building a fire in the backyard or heading out to a campsite, our metal fire pit rings add a measure of safety and style to any fire. A large fire pit ring with an eye-catching design makes a wonderful gathering space and focal point for any backyard.

What are Fire Pit Rings Used For? 

A fire pit ring is a round or square metal ring that is placed around a campfire or fire pit. They are designed to keep your fire safely contained within the ring while you enjoy its warmth and ambiance. They can be used with a patio or backyard fire pit or you can pack them up and use them during your next camping trip. Our fire pit rims are made from durable materials and feature high-temperature paint for many years of use. 

What is a Fire Pit Ring Insert Kit Used For?

Fire pit insert kits include everything you need to create a base for your own DIY custom fire pit. These can be used as a liner for custom in-ground fire pits or as a fire pit rim for above-ground designs. An in-ground fire pit ring adds the finishing touch to hardscaped fire pits. Our collection of fire rings for fire pits are available in both square or round options.

What Tools and Accessories Do I Need for My Fire Ring Insert?

Fire Pit Screens: These screens prevent stray sparks from flying out of the fire. 

Cooking Grates: Easily prepare your favorite outdoor meals with these convenient cooking grates.

Outdoor Firewood Racks: Keep your firewood organized and close at hand with our durable and elegant firewood racks.

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