Sunnydaze Bird Feeders, Baths, and Houses

Everything You Need for Your Feathered Friends


Bring flocks of birds to your yard with our bird feeders and bird baths

What type of bird feeder should I use?

We offer bird feeders in a variety of different styles including:

  • Fly-Through Feeders: These feeders make it easy to access the bird seed and fly away after they're done eating
  • Hummingbird Feeders: These feeders are designed to hold the sweet nectar that hummingbirds love
  • Caged Feeders: These feeders are surrounded by a wire cage that allows smaller birds to access the seed, but keeps out larger animals like squirrels.

Will a bird bath help attract birds to my lawn or patio?

Yes. Birds are constantly searching for shallow sources of water for drinking and preening. Natural sources like puddles tend to dry up quickly. Bird baths provide a reliable source of water for birds to visit frequently.

How much water should I put in my bird bath?

In order for birds to feel comfortable using your bird bath, the water level should to two three inches deep or less. Otherwise the water will be too deep for most birds to access. 

Do I need to clean my bird bath?

Yes. In order to keep the birds that visit your bird bath healthy, you will need to clean it occasionally.  It is recommended that you clean out your bird bath two to three times per week. Dump out the old water, remove any debris from the bird bath, and scrub out the bird bath before refilling it with fresh water. 


With a new bird bath and bird feeder, your yard will be the favorite place for birds in your area to visit. You're sure to find the perfect type of feeder to keep your local birds full and happy. They will also want to make their way over to your bird bath for a quick dip before flying off again. 

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