Sunnydaze Tabletop Water Fountains

Tabletop Water Fountains - Add Soothing Sounds to any Indoor Space

Choose from a myriad of fantastic tabletop water fountain options no matter your preferred style or color! At Sunnydaze Decor, you can choose a lighted or non-lighted tabletop fountain, one that makes a lot of water sounds or little-to-no water sounds. We also offer a wide range of fountains in various materials and designs! 

Versatile Small Tabletop Water Fountains

The smaller sizes make these the perfect option for the mantel in the living room, the hallway table, the bedside table, offices, dining rooms and any smaller surface inside your home! 

Many Unique Designs to Choose From

A slate tabletop water feature will add instant natural grace to an indoor living space while a ceramic fountain will add a classic touch. 

Rustic or pottery designs offer a country or old-world style with the often tiered carafes, pots, pitchers or vases that make up the feature itself. 

Nature-inspired fountains are designed to mimic waterfalls, logs, tree trunks and other elements often found in the great outdoors. These are ideal for adding a serene feeling to an office or den or just for enjoyment in any room of the home. 

Zen water fountains are simple water features that can complement many different styles and make one feel instantly calmed. These decorations are perfect for a meditation space or in a home that follows the art of Feng Shui.

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