Sunnydaze Outdoor Garden Decor

Transform Your Yard Into Your Own Personal Paradise

We have everything to take your backyard from boring to beautiful! 

Enjoy the Great Outdoors with Unique and Comfortable Furniture Pieces

With a wide selection of outdoor patio furniture, you can kick back and relax with one of our comfortable outdoor lounge chairs or enjoy dining al fresco on one of our stylish patio tables. During hot summer days, enjoy the cool shelter of our canopies, umbrellas and shades. Update the look of your furniture with our colorful and comfortable furniture cushions. We also offer the patio table and chair covers you need to protect your furniture so you can use them season after season. 

Little Touches Make a Dramatic Impact

A simple way to give your garden a whole new look is adding beautiful accent pieces like gnomes, gazing globes, and statues to your garden or patio. Welcome the birds of your area to your yard with beautiful bird feeders and baths. Watch wind spinners and wind chimes dance in the breeze, and surround your flowers with friendly garden gnomes and elegantly crafted outdoor statues. Add shine and sparkle with one of our exquisite gazing balls.

Create the Garden of Your Dreams

All it takes for your garden to flourish is a little bit of love and the right outdoor tools. Use our garden stakes, hand spades and hose reels to tend to your plants. Load up all of your gardening tools into one of our utility carts and easily move one of our garden carts from plant to plant for comfortable gardening. With our wide selection of planters and stands, you're sure to find the perfect pot for every plant. Choose from a hanging planter, elegant garden planter urn, or standing planter.  

Illuminate your Landscape

Keep the fun going after the sun goes down with our wide selection of outdoor lights. Safely guide visitors up the walk to your stoop with our landscape path lights and pendant porch lights. Light up your patio with our unique landscape torches or string lights. Use our pond lights, pool lights and fountain lights to create beautiful light and water displays. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Garden Tools

 Is there a door/gate for the garden fences?

Unfortunately, no there is not a gate or door attachment.

 Will the fence keep my dog from getting out?

No, we would encourage you to rely on a different way to keep your pet from leaving the yard.

Garden Décor

 Why doesn't my gazing globe look like the one in the photo on your site? 

Each glass gazing globe will have a slightly different look because they are hand painted. Also, the color may vary slightly from product images due to differences in the light sources (e.g. sun, fluorescent, incandescent) monitor display settings, and individual perception.

 Why is there a hole in the bottom of the fly-through hanging bird feeder?

The hole allows water to drain out rather than pool with the birdseed. Some seed will fall out through the hole as you fill the feeder initially but will stop once there is enough birdseed inside.

 How do I fan out a wind spinner?

Equally separate each piece on by one until the spinner is evenly fanned open. Check out this video to learn more.

 Can you put lights inside the gazing globe?

Yes, you can.

Outdoor Lighting

 Can you connect multiple solar string lights together?

No, each set of string lights is powered by a solar panel and cannot be connected to one another.

 Do the LED lighthouse statues illuminate during the day? 

No, the solar panel charges during the day in order to power the LED lights when they turn on at night.

 How long will LED solar lights stay on?

Approximately 4 to 6 hours with a full charge.

 How many strands of the electric LED string lights can be safely connected?

We recommend storing our patio sets indoors or in a cool, dry sheltered area like a garden shed during inclement weather. If you live in a humid climate, your wood patio set should be stored indoors when not in use to protect against swelling which can cause the wood to warp. Covering the set while in storage and when the set is not being used is also recommended.

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