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Light Up the Night with Outdoor Lighting


We offer a variety of elegant lights to illuminate your yard, patio, or deck, keep your home safe, and add a touch of style to any outdoor space. From solar LED lights to traditional tiki-style lawn torches, we have the perfect lighting solution to enhance your outdoor living space. String lights are perfect for adding a cozy and on-trend atmosphere to your patio or deck, while path lights will add polish to your walkways and driveways. Curious about some of the products we offer? Check out some common questions that we address below!

Do outdoor lights make my home safer?

Yes. Outdoor lights can make your home safer in a number of ways. We offer pendant porch lights and patio deck lights to illuminate the entryways to your home. Keeping your home well lit at night can also help deter would-be burglars. 

Do landscape lights use a lot of electricity? 

No. In fact, our landscape lights do not use electricity at all. We offer a selection of outdoor solar lights, including landscape path lights and illuminated gazing balls, that use an amorphous panel to convert sunlight into energy. Select solar lights also include a rechargeable battery that allows you to use to continue to use your lights during evenings or cloudy days. Our landscape torches use citronella, bio-ethanol or torch fuel. No matter which lights you choose, you won't have to worry about your electric bill spiking. 

Can I use any lights underwater?

Yes. Our landscape pond lights and outdoor fountain lights are designed to be submerged in water, allowing you to illuminate your fountains, pools, and ponds at night and create dramatic lighting displays.

How do I hang string lights on my patio?

First, measure the space where you want to hang your string lights to determine how many strings you will need. Use screw eyes into your deck, porch or posts according to your desired design. Hang the beginning of the light set over the first hook and then drape the lights across to the next hook. Continue this until all your lights are hung. Because our string lights are solar powered, you won't need to worry about arranging your design around an outlet.

Can I use my table lamp indoors and outdoors?

Some of our table lamps can be used either inside your home or in your yard or patio. Our indoor/outdoor table lamps feature shades made of weather-resistant fabric shade and a glass top so they are capable of resisting the elements. Our solar-powered table lamps can only be used outdoors because they are powered by sunlight. Our indoor table lamps are not engineered for outdoor use. 


Enjoy your lawn, patio or garage even after the sun goes down with our stylish and reliable outdoor lights. Not only will our outdoor lights illuminate your favorite outdoor spaces, they will help make your home a little bit safer. We offer lights nights in a number of styles and you can choose from several convenient power options. Transform the look of your yard or patio with our unique torches, gazing globes, table lamps, outdoor solar lights and more!

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