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Everything You Need to Get the Most out of your Fire Pit!

There's a number of fun ways to enjoy your fire pit and with the right accessories anything is possible!

Savor the Rich Smokey Taste of Flame-Cooked Food

Can I use my fire pit to cook food? 

Yes! With the right accessories, you can cook a number of tasty meals over an open flame. Place a cooking grate over the flames to instantly transform your fire pit into a grill. For the best results, wait for your logs to burn down to embers and use a poker to push them to one side of the fire pit where you can cook over them. You can also use our long-handled barbecue tool sets to roast food over the flames. 

Can I use a wood grate as a cooking grate?

No! Our wood grates are designed to hold firewood and provide better airflow for a longer lasting fire. They are not intended for cooking purposes and food should not be placed directly on to them.

What types of food can I cook using my fire pit?

Fire pits aren't just for s'mores and hot dogs anymore! With a cooking grate, you can create a number of delicious meals, including:

  • Steak
  • Chicken
  • Potatoes
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Kabobs

Safety and Maintenance


We offer a number of tools that will help keep you safe around the fire and help extend the life of your fire pit.

  • Fire Pit Screens: These screens are placed over the fire while it is burning to provide protection from flying sparks and embers
  • Fire Pit Covers: These covers are placed over a fire pit when it is not in use to protect it from the elements
  • Fire Pit Pokers: These long-handled tools allow you to stoke your fire and maneuver logs while keeping your hands a safe distance from the flame

Easily Store and Protect Your Firewood


Our outdoor firewood racks provide a convenient place to store the firewood you need for your next fire. They are available in a number of unique, weather-resistant styles. The amount of wood you can store in each place depends on the weight capacity of the firewood rack. Some options include:

Do I need to keep my firewood covered?

Yes. Damp wood can be difficult to light and burn. Covering your firewood with a log rack cover will protect your firewood from the elements and keep it dry.

Enjoy Your Fire Pit for Seasons to Come with Helpful Accessories!


We have all the accessories that you will need to keep your fire pit safe, well-maintained and fun! Round up your friends and family and use our cooking accessories to whip up delicious meals. Fill up one of our outdoor firewood racks with logs and keep the fun going and the fire burning for hours! Our spark screens and pokers make it easy to safely enjoy your fire pit. Once you're done, cover up your fire pit to protect it from the elements so you can use it again season after season! 

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