Where Should I Place My Wine Rack? 6 Storage Tips for the Best-Tasting Wine

Nothing beats a relaxing glass of wine at the end of a long day, but before you pour it into your wine glass, where do you keep the bottle? In the fridge? On the counter? Did you know that the way you store your wine can affect its flavor? It’s true. Factors like light, temperature, and bottle orientation can all impact the quality of your wine. Before you pop that cork, read the article below to learn the best tips and tricks to store your favorite wine.

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Benefits of Wine Racks

Wine racks allow you to keep your wine neat and organized and are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Tabletop wine racks are great for small spaces and keep your wine bottles in an easily accessible place for when you are ready to serve a bottle. Wine cabinets or bar cabinets on the other hand provide more storage options to keep your entire collection in one place or provide a convenient location for them to age.

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 Benefits of Wine Fridges

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Another method used to store wine is a wine fridge. This miniature fridge typically features horizontal shelves that neatly store the wine bottles at the ideal temperature. You are probably wondering, why should I use a wine fridge instead of simply putting them in my kitchen refrigerator? Depending on the type of wine, the optimal temperature for wine is 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the FDA, the best temperature for keeping food fresh should be 40 degrees and under. Having a separate fridge allows you to keep your wine at the optimal temperature without damaging the other contents of your fridge. Wine also requires humidity for the perfect storage conditions, and kitchen refrigerators are designed to remove this. Wine fridges help keep the interior humid enough to help keep the corks moist.

Plus, wine fridges are versatile appliances that can be used for a variety of other purposes. To learn more, check out our blog article, 11 Other Things You Can Store in Your Wine Fridge Besides Wine.

Tips For Wine Storage

Tip #1 Pay Attention to the Expiration Date

Contrary to popular belief, not all wines get better with age. In fact, only a few specific varieties of red wine are designed to be aged. The taste of most modern wines that you purchase in a store will not improve if you tuck it away for a few decades. If anything, aging it will cause it to expire. In general, most modern wines can be stored for five years.

Tip #2 Store Wine at the Correct Temperature

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The best temperature for wine storage depends on the type. Below is a rough guide for storing the most common types:

  • White wine: 45 to 50 degrees F (7 to 10 degrees C)
  • Red wine: 50 to 65 degrees F (10 to 18 degrees C)
  • Rose wine: 45 to 55 degrees F (7 to 13 degrees C)
  • Sparkling wine: 42 to 52 degrees F (6 to 11 degrees C)
  • Fortified wine: 55 to 68 degrees F (13 to 20 degrees C)

The temperature should also be kept consistent. Temperature shifts can cause the cork to expand and contract which can allow more oxygen to enter the bottle and ruin the wine. 

Tip #3 Avoid Sunlight

Sunlight is the number one enemy of wine. In fact, most wine is sold in colored bottles to avoid light damage. The sun’s UV rays can degrade the wine. Ideally, a wine cellar would be the best location for a wine rack, but if you do not have a cellar in your home, look for a dark location away from windows (like a closet or basement) or cover your wine with a towel or blanket.

Tip #4 Get the Right Amount of Humidity

Wine requires humidity for storage, but too much humidity can also be damaging. If an area is too humid, the labels might begin to peel away and mold can develop, but if there is not enough humidity the corks can dry out. Try to find a location that has sixty to sixty-eight percent humidity.

Tip #5 Ensure that the Storage Rack is Stable

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Like sunlight, vibrations can also cause the wine to age prematurely. Wine should not be shaken or moved if possible. Do not place wine or a wine rack near a stereo, certain appliances, or in an area that experiences a lot of foot traffic (like a cupboard or refrigerator that is constantly opened and closed). Place your wine in a secure place that will not accidentally be bumped or shifted.

Tip #6 Seal It Tight

If you haven’t finished up your wine bottle, it is important to make sure the cork is tightly filled. As previously mentioned in this article, too much oxygen can affect the flavor and aroma of the wine. If the original cork will not seal it tightly enough, use a wine stopper instead. Depending on the type, most wines will last three to five days after opening.

Storing your wine may seem daunting, but it is really a simple task. All you need to do is follow a few simple tips and your wine will taste fresh and delicious when you’re ready to pour yourself a glass. Use one of our durable cutting boards to create a delicious charcuterie board to pair with your wine and you are ready to entertain!


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My brother wants to purchase a wine rack that he can use for storage in his basement. It was interesting to me when you explained that sunlight is the number one enemy of wine. I will have to tell my brother that he will need to keep the wine rack away from the window wells in his basement or figure out a way to block the light that comes through them. https://simplewoodcraft.com/ols/products/wine-carrier-2-bottle-2-glass-solid-handle

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