Learn how to keep outdoor fountain water clean.

Fountains make great additions to any outdoor space and can become the prized centerpiece of your landscaping. Their prominence in any yard decoration scheme means you are going to want to keep them looking and running great all year long. Whether you just installed your fountain or have owned one for years, following these best practices will help you keep your water running crystal clear all season. 

Use a Fountain Cover

Using a fountain cover keeps your water cleaner longer

A lot of the next strategies are pretty hands on so if you’re looking to reduce the amount of time you spend emptying, cleaning, and refilling your fountain the best solution is preventing contaminants from entering your fountain. Windy, dusty, or stormy days are notorious for filling fountains with debris and gunk. The weather isn’t the only source of contaminants you have to contend with though. Bugs, pollen, and leaves are all seasonal annoyances you’ll have to protect your water fountain from.

Luckily, a simple cover lets you toss a protective barrier over your fountain whenever you need it. They are easy to install when you need them and easy to remove when you want to enjoy your fountain.     

Covers provide a lot of benefits for extending the life of your fountain other than keeping your water flowing cleanly which is why we consider them a must-have fountain accessory. 

Keep Your Fountain Running

Moving water creates a difficult growth environment for algae and is less attractive to bugs looking to start a family. Turning off your fountain for extended periods of time creates an opportunity for the water inside it to stagnate and stagnate water doesn’t stay clean long. Additionally, while in operation, your pump actively filters out contaminants so keeping it running even at night or while away goes a long way towards keeping your water clean longer. Modern pumps are designed to run for years with proper maintenance, which brings us to our next point:

Clean Your Fountain Regularly

Clean fountain equals clean water

Generally, around the pump is the first place you’ll begin to notice debris build-up. The pump is usually the only moving part of a fountain and as such requires a little extra attention. Fortunately, they’re designed to be easy to maintain. Simply remove the pump and wipe the outside clean with a sponge or cloth then remove the cover and clean out the inside with a toothbrush.   

Once your pump is taken care of, give the rest of the fountain a similar treatment to ensure that your water stays clear as long as possible. 

The frequency that you need to do this entirely depends on the size of your fountain, the time of year, and the part of the world you live in so experiment with intervals. If you find yourself removing a lot of grime, consider shortening the time between cleanings

Use Water AdditivesAdditives like this one can keep algae from taking over your fountain

Fountain care products can work wonders at preventing algae, scale, and foam buildup.  There are a lot of varieties so ensure that you select the one that fits your needs. 

Check out our Definitive Guide to Fountain Care and Maintenance for details on how to choose which additive will work for you and in depth strategies for keeping your fountain in excellent condition. 


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Brian Toothill

I have trees close to my my fountain and they shed. Do you know if anyone makes a mesh type screen cover with perhaps a elastized bottom to secure oven bowl ?

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