Find out the most creative ways to decorate your room for Christmas this season.

There are so many different ways you can decorate your room for Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year.

The lights, sparkle, and decorations around the home can truly make a difference and uplift your spirits.

Planning can save you some time in the long run and make the season all the more jolly. It can start with decorating your mantel so it’s in tip-top shape and end with finding the perfect tree for your living room. All your guests will feel the magic in your home and it will spread so much holiday cheer all season long.

So let's get started and go through the 20 ways you can decorate your living room for Christmas this holiday season.

20 Ways to Decorate Your Living Room for Christmas

1. Choose a Theme 

One way to decorate your room for Christmas is by picking a theme.

Each season brings a new theme into your home that will make the place much more magical and inviting. A theme can set the tone in your home and provide comfort as well as implement the many different trends that are going around.

For example, try a vintage theme and display a variety of timeless, classic items throughout your home.

There are plenty of other great themes to choose from including rustic, modern, and minimalistic.

This tabletop holiday tree is a great way to decorate your dining room for Christmas.

2. Space

When decorating your living room for Christmas, make sure to consider the size of the space you are working with.

Choose decorations that are proportionate to your room size (Ex: Don’t put a huge Christmas tree in a tiny apartment).

If you are working with a smaller space, then it would be wise to think minimally. As the old saying goes- “Less is more.” If you are looking for ways to decorate a smaller space, use small items to make a big difference.

Try adding a holiday accent like a statue or nutcracker next to your fireplace or place a lantern on your table behind the couch.


Another way to decorate your room this holiday season is to pick out the perfect tree for your space.

For smaller living rooms, a small thin tree may work in the corner of your room. If you have a bigger space, a bigger, fluffier tree may work very well.

Considering your space and what you can put in your place will make all the difference. Be sure to get that handy dandy measuring tape out and see what works best.

This artificial unlit Christmas tree is a must when your are decorating your living room for Christmas.

4. Alternatives to Christmas Trees

Sometimes, stepping outside of the box of normalcy for the holiday season is what you need to do to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

If you can’t put a Christmas tree in your home due to allergies, space, or that darn cat trying to eat it, then have no worries, there are so many options to choose from, including decorating a houseplant, putting up an ornament tree, or simply putting some stringed lights up.

This black metal Christmas ornament tree is a great alternative when decorating your room for Christmas.

5. Lighting

When it comes to decorating your living room for Christmas, lights cannot go unseen.

It’s all about setting the tone for your holiday by brightening up your room and outdoors. If you want to be festive this year, then be sure to string some lights outside of your home or along the mantel for a brighter season.

Some other ways to use lights are to light candles, use indoor lanterns, or string lights above your fireplace along the mantel.

Use this battery-powered indoor lantern with LED lights to light up your room this holiday season.

Sunnydaze Oyster Bay Indoor Battery-Powered Lantern with LED Lights - 13-Inch

6. Christmas Plants

If you’ve got a green thumb, or just enjoy having real plants in your home, consider putting the many Christmas plants in your home this season.

Starting from the classic poinsettia and holly to the infamous mistletoe. Whatever you choose it sure will bring some festivity to your home. 

Make sure to include flowers when you decorate your living room for Christmas

7. DIY Decorations

This time of year calls for creativity.

If you’re on the crafty side or want to explore that side of yourself, there are several ways you can create your decorations this holiday season. If you have kids and want to make it a family affair, consider it a fun activity for all.

Some ideas are making paper chains, popcorn garlands, coffee filter snowflakes and garland, and the list continues. Check out the article below for more fun ideas!

Gorgeous coffee filter garlands will add a nice touch when decorating your room for Christmas

8. Deck the Walls

To keep up with the holiday spirit, decorate your home from wall to wall.

There are so many ways to do this including hanging Christmas pictures, lights, garland, brass ring wreaths, and painted pictures. Sometimes a simple picture hanging on the wall can make the season even brighter.

Consider this article for other ways to deck the walls.

9. Seasons Greetings

Another fun option to do this holiday season is to display the holiday cards and photos you have received over the years.

Hang them on the walls, use them as a centerpiece, hang them from a garland, or place them on a mantel. It surely will lift your spirits when you see all the happy photographs and messages from your loved ones along the wall.

Turn your Christmas cards and photos into a decorative tree this holiday season.

10. Color

There are so many different ways to brighten the room with color.

The different themes and schemes are endless including, monochromatic, contrasting colors, complementary colors, and other fun designs as well. Get creative this holiday season and come up with a fun theme to make your home stand out.

11. Make the Most of Your Mantel

Decorating your mantel is another way to bring festivity into the room. 

Some ways to do this is to hang stockings from it, place statues on top of it, or decorate with string lights. Whatever way you choose your mantel will be merry and bright.

This indoor snowman statue is a great decor item to have when decorating your living room for Christmas.

12. Create a "Fireplace"

If you don’t have a fireplace in your home, there’s a solution for that.

Cluster candles to create a fireplace, watch a fireplace channel or use an electric fireplace. Whichever way you choose, it should bring you joy and warmth.

An electric fireplace is a great way to bring warmth to your room this holiday season.

13. Wreaths

When it comes to picking out a wreath for the holiday season, there are so many different options.

Consider the size, color scheme, and where you want to hang it. When choosing a wreath for your front door, measure the width of the door and subtract 12 inches to find the right size.

Look for a color that complements the door color and make sure that the wreath is made from a material that can be used outdoors. Whichever wreath you choose, it sure will look great.

Adding a Christmas wreath to your door is a great way to decorative your room for Christmas

14. Use Your Existing Furniture

Another way to decorate your living room for the holiday season is to use your existing furniture.

You can use end tables and bookshelves to display smaller items like figurines, nativity sets, and Christmas villages.

15. Don’t Forget the Front Porch

Decorating the outside of the home is just as important as decorating the inside to keep those spirits bright and merry.

Consider putting an inflatable in your yard, setting up statues, and of course placing a wreath outside of your door. Whatever decorations you choose are sure to create a festive spirit.

When decorating your room for Christmas, don't forget to add holiday cheer to the yard with a Christmas inflatable as well.
16. Ornaments

When it comes to the holiday season, ornaments are super versatile and fun to choose from.

Whatever your theme may be, there’s are tons of ways you can use ornaments this holiday season. Hanging them on the tree, placing them in a bowl, or using them as garland are all fun options.

Either way, ornaments sure make the season all the more bright. Consider these fun ornaments that come in multiple colors to make your tree stand out.

Make sure to decorate your Christmas tree with plenty of gorgeous hanging Christmas ornaments.

17. Cozy Comfort

This holiday season, keep it cozy.

Everyone loves to be cozy this time of year, whether it be by the fire, under blankets, or by using lots of pillows to rest on. Consider some holiday-themed throws and pillows this season to create a comfortable atmosphere for your family and guests.

18. Festive Scents

Sometimes the holiday season just smells different than other seasons.

To create a festive scent for your home consider putting out potpourri, pine boughs, or holiday scented candles.

Consider this article for more tips on creating that perfect holiday scent for your home.

19. Sounds of the Season

Do you hear what I hear?

Play holiday music during parties and gatherings to create a festive sounding environment. Check out this article for playlists and songs to play and to keep the mood rockin’ and rollin'.

20. Home for the Holidays

However you decorate your home for the holidays, embrace your creativity, and start new holiday traditions to create a festive and jolly space for the season!

Bring Merry Cheer to Your Home This Holiday Season

There are so many different ways you can make your room shine, from the lights and decorations to the tree and hanging wreaths.

As long as you’re surrounded by friends and family, your holiday season is sure to be bright! Be sure to check out all the festive seasonal décor we offer for recent deals for the holiday season.

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