How to Choose the Right Deck Box for Your Patio or Pool

Summer has arrived and there is so much to do! Whether you’re splashing around in the pool, tending to your beautiful garden or simply lounging in the sun, this season is the time for a variety of fun outdoor activities. But what do you do with the pool toys, garden tools and throw pillows at the end of the day when you’re ready to go back inside? A deck box is the perfect solution! Available in a number of materials, sizes, and designs, a deck box can be used to store and protect a variety of small outdoor items until you are ready to use them again. How do you choose the right one? Read this article to find out!

Before You Shop

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Knowing what you plan on storing inside the deck box will make your buying decision much easier. This can help you determine the right size box that you need as well as what materials would be best for the items that you are storing. You should also consider the look of your current outdoor space. With so many colors and styles of deck boxes available, this will help you find one that complements your current decor.

When considering what items you plan to store, do not store any items that could be negatively affected by heat. Deck boxes can trap a substantial amount of heat inside the container, especially if it is placed in a sunny location. Products like candles (which could melt) or flammable items should always be stored in a safe location indoors.


When it comes to size, deck boxes are typically measured by the number of gallons they can store. Deck boxes are available in a wide range of sizes and the size you need depends largely on the space you have available as well as which items you want to store. Listed below are some of the common sizes and what they can be used to store:

  • 50 gallons and smaller: These compact deck boxes are best for storing small, outdoor items that can clutter up your porch or deck such as gardening gloves and tools, small outdoor decor items, and pool towels.
  • 51-99 gallons: Medium deck boxes provide a bit more space for larger items such as pool toys and outdoor throw pillows. They can also be used for larger gardening products like flower pots or a coiled hose.
  • 100 gallons and larger: Large deck boxes provide the most space and can be used to store outdoor furniture cushion sets, pool maintenance tools, and large outdoor decor items.


The material that a deck box is made of can affect both its durability and weather resistance as well as its look and style.


Sunnydaze Faux Rattan Outdoor Lockable Deck Storage Box - 100-Gal. - Driftwood

These lightweight deck boxes provide dependable protection against the outdoor elements and require very little maintenance for a stylish look season after season. These boxes are available in the widest range of colors and can even feature different textures to mimic other materials such as wood grain or rattan weave.


Sunnydaze Indoor/Outdoor Resin Rattan 75-Gallon Deck Box - Black

Wicker/rattan deck boxes feature a woven outer design that provides a more sophisticated look that will complement your existing decor and furniture. The wicker is typically made from resin for weather resistance.


Sunnydaze Meranti Wood Outdoor Storage Bench with Teak Oil Finish - 47"

Wooden deck boxes provide a solid design that can’t be easily blown away as well as a timeless look that will never go out of style. These boxes are made from moisture-resistant wood including teak, pine and cedar. Cedar also provides the additional benefit of keeping away pests and bugs. Depending on the model, wooden deck boxes may require sealing or additional maintenance, consult your product’s user manual for additional details.


While the standard deck box is a classic summer storage item, there are multiple styles of deck boxes available. Check out the following styles to find the best one to suit your needs.

 Standard Deck Boxes

Sunnydaze Faux Rattan Outdoor Lockable Deck Storage Box - 100-Gal. - Phantom Gray

Most traditional deck boxes feature a horizontal, rectangular design with a lift top lid. These boxes can be placed against a wall or fence or tucked under a deck for easy access. Depending on how sturdy the box is, you can also sit on the top of the deck box.

 End Tables

Sunnydaze Outdoor Side Table with Storage - Rattan Design - 11.5 Gal. - Driftwood

End table style deck boxes are small boxes with a flat top surface. Place these end tables beside an outdoor lounge chair or patio chat set. Not only can you use this deck box to keep clutter items out of sight, it also provides a convenient place to set a book, cold drink, or snack.

Benches with Built-In Deck Boxes

Sunnydaze Meranti Wood 2-Seat Outdoor Storage Bench

Another style that serves double duty on your patio is a storage bench. To access the deck box, all you need to do is lift the seat of the bench. These stylish benches provide comfortable seating as well as convenient storage. The built-in deck box also allows you to easily tuck away the bench’s seat cushions during rainy days.

Vertical Deck Boxes

Sunnydaze Meranti Wood Small Garden Storage Shed - 36" H

Unlike traditional deck boxes, these deck boxes feature a vertical orientation for a more cabinet-like appearance. These deck boxes also have interior shelves to keep your items organized.

Other Features

In addition to storage space and quality materials, select deck box models have useful features that can make your deck box more convenient. Here are some common features that you can look for:

Lockable Design

Sunnydaze Small Deck Box with Storage and Lockable Lid - 32 Gal. - Driftwood

Whenever you store something outside, there is alway the risk that someone could easily pop the lid and run away with your belongings. Look for a lockable deck box to ensure peace of mind. Some deck boxes have a lid with a space for you to place your own compatible padlock or lock while others include a padlock with the deck box.


Once you fill a deck box full of items, they can be heavy and difficult to move. Wheeled deck boxes make this task a bit easier and allow you to smoothly push them from place to place on your deck, porch, or patio.

Gas-Filled Hinges

Sunnydaze Faux Rattan Outdoor Lockable Deck Storage Box - 100-Gal. - Phantom Gray

These unique hinges are filled with a gas that allows for soft closing. This helps protect the items that you have inside from getting damaged by the lid slamming down if the lid is closed too roughly. 

With so many different deck boxes available, you are sure to find one to meet all your outdoor storage needs. Plus, many of them provide advantages other than ample storage. Deck boxes will keep your items organized, declutter your outdoor spaces, and protect them from the elements so they are ready for you to use when you want to get back and enjoy these balmy summer months.

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