9 Helpful Tips on How to Arrange Patio Furniture on a Small Deck

Decorating and arranging patio furniture on your deck can be an intimidating task if you aren’t a professional designer, especially when working with limited space.

Your patio setup is important because it not only dictates how people will move and converse on your deck, but it also sets the mood with how comfortable and relaxed people will feel when they visit.

You want to arrange your patio furniture so it is well organized, complements your home, and expresses your lifestyle. But how can you accomplish all of this with a small deck?

Fortunately, having a small deck isn’t as limiting as you might think. In fact, there are many advantages when arranging patio furniture on a small deck compared to a large one.

In this article, we are going to share with you our tips on how to arrange patio furniture on a small deck to create a warm, welcoming, and cozy space you and your guests will love.

Whether you’re looking to do a makeover or just getting started with decorating, these tips will enhance your outdoor oasis and leave a lasting impression on all guests who visit.

Patio furniture displayed on a small deck.

9 Tips on How to Arrange Patio Furniture on a Small Deck

1. Focus on the Perimeter

When decorating a small deck, it is essential to keep your furniture and decor around the perimeter of your space. 

Furniture that is placed right in the center can be distracting and make your small deck feel more tight and congested. Plus, it makes it difficult for people to move around and converse. 

Placing your furniture on the perimeter of your deck will open up more room for you and your visitors to move around while creating the illusion of a bigger space.

2. Make it Cozy with Small Furniture

Your selection of furniture makes a big impact on the feel of your deck. That’s why it’s important to pick the right type of furniture when you have a small deck.

Add smaller pieces of furniture that will make your space feel more cozy and relaxed. Bistro-style furniture is a great option here because of their compact size and their ability to be pushed under a table. It’s an added bonus if your furniture can easily fold up when not in use.

Wooden folding bistro table and chair set ideal for smaller spaces.

However, be cautious with how much furniture you get, especially with a smaller space. You don’t want to crowd your area where it becomes too overwhelming and stressful.

3. Separate the Outdoor Kitchen/Bar Area 

Separating your deck into different sections is a great way to add decorative appeal and style without overwhelming the area.

Don’t give in to the temptation of overflowing your small deck with furniture. Rather, break the space down into small sections that either include an outdoor kitchen or bar area.

Having a designated area on your deck for a compact grill and/or a mini bar area that utilizes bar-height furniture and coolers will bring your small deck to life while adding different areas for your guests to gather.

Ice bucket with stand with vertical design perfect for small decks.

If you want to get serious and build an amazing outdoor kitchen on your deck, check out this article from DIY & Crafts on 15 DIY Outdoor Kitchen Plans You Can Build On A Budget.

4. Decorate the Walls

Hanging up decorations on the walls is another great way to enhance the appeal of your small deck.

Going vertical in a small area will help expand your space, give you more decorating options, and free up the area to move around.

5. Add a Fountain Feature

A relaxing outdoor fountain will create a calm and zen feel to your small deck while adding a nice decorative touch.

You don’t need to use a large outdoor water fountain to make a statement either. There are many types of small outdoor fountains we offer that are perfect for tight spaces and won’t take up a lot of room.

Wall fountains are an excellent choice as well. As we mentioned earlier, decorating your wall will add life to your small deck, and a stunning wall fountain is a perfect fit.

Wall fountain hanging from a brick wall outside.

You can even use a tabletop fountain on a side table, but we recommend bringing it back inside when not in use.

6. Light up the Night

Bringing illumination to your space will make it appear alive and beautiful. Hanging string lights, deck lights, or stake lights that are mountable to the deck railing are all excellent choices to add to a small deck.

Also, consider choosing lights that are solar-powered, that way you have more freedom to place them where you’d like without any complicated wires.

7. Grow Some Greenery

Although you won’t be able to fit an entire garden on your small deck, that doesn’t mean you can’t display some of your favorite plants and flowers. 

Adding a couple of flower pots to your area allows you and your guests to enjoy the sight and smells of stunning greenery right on your deck without having to plant a large garden.

Large flower pot planters displayed on a small deck.

8. Bring Flair to the Floor

Another good way to expand a small space is to add an outdoor rug to the center. A colorful rug that matches your decor style will provide a nice furnishing charm and make your space appear bigger.

It may be tempting to place a patio or dining table on top of the rug, but this can cause your small deck to feel cramped and limit mobility. If you would really want to add a table, go with a side table instead and keep it to the perimeter.

9. Enjoy the View

Finally, if you have a good view from your deck, don’t be afraid to show it off. Many decks and patios overlock pools, forests, and other stunning views.

Arrange your outdoor patio furniture so that it faces the view if possible. If you aren’t fortunate to have a gorgeous view, you can always plant some greenery or add a small fire pit to the deck. 

If you are thinking about adding a fire feature, make sure to read our blog post on the do’s and don’ts when using a fire pit on a wood deck.

Best Time to Arrange Patio Furniture on a Small Deck

The best time to arrange and decorate your small deck or patio is now. Conditions have to be optimal, but you can rearrange and organize your deck anytime you feel, which can help freshen up your space.

Another good time to decorate is at the start of each season. This will give you a new perspective on your outdoor area and can make your deck feel brand new.

Remember to focus on the perimeter, make it cozy with more compact furniture sets, add decorative items that complement your space, and most of all create a space that you and your guests will love.

As always, if you have any questions please comment below and remember to share if you found our tips helpful.

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