5 Ways to Stay Warm with a Fire Pit This Winter

Fire pits don’t need to be limited to use in the summertime, the cozy glow of a warm fire can easily be enjoyed year-round, including winter.

Whether you are gathering with friends around a roaring fire in the yard or quietly enjoying an evening around a small fire after the kids go to bed, the frosty winter night can be an outdoor escape if you want it to be, just take a look at these great ideas below to make your space extra cozy.

How Can My Fire Pit Keep Me Warm in the Winter?

The method of achieving maximum heat from a fire pit depends on what type of fire pit you have. Wood burning fire pits and gas fire pits operate very differently while still providing the benefit of warmth.

Sunnydaze wood burning fire pit with a roaring fire

To get the maximum amount of heat from your wood-burning fire pit start with using dry, softwood firewood.

Ensuring the wood is dry will yield warmer, faster results because it increases the surface area and allows room for more oxygen to get to the fire. Additionally, softwoods (wood from coniferous trees such as pines, spruces and firs) typically generate the most heat. Softwoods are also easier to start a fire with!

Make sure to check out our article on the best firewood types for your fireplace to learn more about the different types of wood and which are the best for burning.

Wood grate being used for extra warmth in a winter fire pit

Wood grates are another great option to maximize the amount of heat in a pit.

These are steel grates that are placed in the bottom of a fire pit to lift the wood up a little and allow more room for oxygen and air circulation.

Propane gas fire pit on the patio

Gas fire pits generally allow for more control of the size of the fire and are easier to start.

They also provide all the heat a wood-burning fire would without the ash and smell.

Innovative Ways to Use a Fire Pit in Winter

Chairs gathered around a warm fire pit
  1. Move the Festivities Outdoors
  2. Having an outdoor fire pit is the perfect way to extend the living space especially for giving guests an extra area to go and relax during parties and other indoor gatherings.

    Start a roaring fire in the backyard and make sure to light the pathway to the fire pit well! Create zones for guests to grab hot chocolate, cozy blankets and a roasting marshmallow/s’mores station.

    Portable fire pit being used for camping

  3. Go Hiking with a Fire Pit
  4. Looking to get outdoors, breathe some fresh air and get some exercise? You can do that in the winter too!

    A portable fire pit can come right along with you on a snowshoeing or hiking adventure.

    Rectangular gas fire pit with a roaring fire on the patio

  5. Make Patio Season Endless
  6. A fire pit table or raised fire pit on a heat protectant pad can be placed on the patio for cold weather hangouts or enjoying quiet time with hot cocoa, tea or cider in the evenings.

    For winter hangouts, make sure to get the fire started before people arrive to ensure it is nice and warm before they come over, and make sure everyone gets a chair or a bench with a blanket and warm beverage for warmth and ambiance.

    If you need extra tips on how to start a fire, you can check out our article that goes over 4 easy steps to start a fire in detail.

    Food being cooked over a winter fire pit outside

  7. Have a Winter Outdoor Cookout
  8. Beat the winter blues by cooking some great foods over the fire reminiscent of summer nights.

    You can do s’mores, hotdogs, foil meals, pudgy pies and any camping food to help get out of a winter slump.

    A fire pit cooking grill, grate, or tripod is a great accessory to pull out of the shed to do this. Don’t forget to keep a warm beverage nearby while cooking.

    Fire pit in winter being used as a warm fort

  9. Build a Snow Fort Around the Fire Pit
  10. A creative idea, yet so fun! Get the kids involved and build some snow walls to help block the wind.

    Next put the fire pit in the middle and grab a small log rack and wood, as well as some chairs and blankets. Next, all you need are the snacks and s’mores ingredients!

    Durable fire pit cover protecting a wood burning fire pit

Always Cover Your Fire Pit in Winter When Not in Use

After the fire is put out and the pit is completely cooled, it is important to cover your fire pit from the elements to protect it from moisture buildup which can result in rust and corrosion.

It will also keep your fire pit looking nice and keep it easier to clean. Additionally, it will help protect the fire pit from rodents and other pests.

If you don’t have a fire pit cover, you can also store it in a shed or garage when it is not in use.

Enjoy the Winter Season with a Warm, Blazing Fire Pit

It doesn’t have to be summer or fall to enjoy a fire pit. The warm, blazing glow can add ambient charm to a wintery night and create a lovely atmosphere throughout the cooler months.

Get year-round enjoyment from your yard or patio with a fire pit, accessories and supplies with a little bit of creativity and warmth.

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