5 Tips to Make Your Hammock Even More Comfortable

Ask someone to describe a relaxing scene and many people will describe taking a nap in a cozy hammock on a tropical isle. The gentle sway of the hammock and curving design is the peak of comfort to some. However, there are also people out there who consider hammocks to be uncomfortable. Certain aspects of the hammock can affect your overall comfort like the rough feel of the ropes or if the hammock is hung at the wrong height or angle. Worrying about falling out of the can also have a negative impact.. Don’t worry, these easy tips will help make a cozy hammock even more comfortable.

Tip #1 Address Fears About Falling

Woman lying in a hammock

Sometimes, it really is all in your head. It’s hard to relax in a hammock when you are worried that you are going to roll over and accidentally spill onto the ground. For many first time hammock users, this concern makes it very difficult to enjoy lounging in a hammock. There are a few easy ways to put this fear at ease. A simple way is to choose a Brazilian or Mayan hammock. These hammocks feature tall sides that safely secure you within the folds of the clot, making it very difficult to accidentally fall out. For other types of hammocks, you can help reduce this problem by hanging the hammock so it has a deep sag in the middle. This creates a lower center of gravity, making it very difficult to fall out.

Using proper technique to get in and out of the hammock will also help you feel more confident. To learn how to safely get in and out of your hammock, check out our blog article, How to Get In and Out of A Hammock Without Flipping or Falling.

Tip #2 Angle Your Body

Man Lying a Hammock

Another rookie mistake that many hammock novices make is lying in the hammock the same way you would lie in a bed with your head positioned in line with one anchor point and your feet aligned with another. This position is actually not the most comfortable option because the shape of the hammock is too curved and the sides of the hammock can squeeze your shoulders and be hard on your back.

Instead, position your body diagonally. This creates a flatter and more comfortable surface for you to lie on and allows you to have more shoulder space so you won’t feel so tightly cocooned.

Tip #3 Space Your Hammock Properly

Hammock between two trees

If you’re hanging a hammock between two trees, it is important to find the sweet spot. If the trees are too far apart, your hammock will be too flat and you are more likely to fall out. But if they are too close together, you could sink to the ground when you sit on the hammock. The actual amount of space will vary based on the size of your hammock, but a good rule of thumb is to measure the bed of your hammock and add a foot or two. Look for two trees that have this amount of distance between them. Your hammock should have a 30-degree angle for maximum comfort. For more information on how to properly hang your hammock, consult our blog, How to Hang a Hammock in 3 Easy Steps.

Another even easier option is to use a hammock stand. This ensures that your hammock will always be hung at the proper angle and at the right height to easily get in and out.

Tip #4 Hang Hammocks Side by Side

Hammocks hanging side by side
While many people enjoy relaxing in a hammock beside their partner, sleeping overnight with another person in a hammock can be a less comfortable experience. Always ensure that your hammock is recommended for at least two people. In fact, there are even family hammocks on the market that can hold several people. Even with the right hammock, some people find sharing a hammock uncomfortable because every time one person moves, it can disrupt the sleep of the person next to you. Instead of sharing a hammock, try hanging two individual Brazilian hammocks side by side. This allows you to remain comfortably close to your partner without waking each other up.


Tip #5 Add a Hammock Pad

Rope hammocks are highly durable and built to last, but the bumpy rope texture is not the most comfortable material to lie on. Fortunately, there is a simple way to cushion a rope hammock, a hammock pad. Hammock pads are quilted for soft, cozy comfort and are easily attached to the hammock using the fabric ties. Not only will these pads make a rope hammock cozy, they will also make your hammock warmer during cooler weather. Plus, they can add a fun pop of color to your yard. 


With a few adjustments and the techniques, even hammock skeptics are sure to enjoy lounging in a hammock. Follow these simple tips to transform your hammock into your favorite place to relax. For more information on hammocks, check our hammock blog section.
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