5 Easy Ways to Hang Outdoor String Lights

Are you having trouble creating a cozy outdoor oasis? Have you gotten cushy furniture, a large patio table and a fire pit, but still feel like something is missing? 

Don't worry, we have an easy solution for you! String lights aren't just for decorating your home during the holidays. They are perfect for adding a comforting glow to the exterior of your home and backyard, making it warmer and inviting.

String lights are incredibly versatile and can be used in so many different ways to spruce up any backyard or patio. You can add lots of light for a bright space, or minimal lighting for a more mellow atmosphere. Follow our tips to add enchanting illumination to your outdoor living space.

String Lights on Porch

Light Color

Before we even start with the tips on how to hang your lights, we need to start with the basics. The color temperature of lights can make a big impact on your outdoor space.

According to westinghouselighting.com, the color temperature is a way to describe the appearance provided by light bulbs and is measured in degrees of Kelvin (K) on a scale of 1,000 to 10,000.

However, Kelvin temperatures for lights that you'll find in the stores and online are usually between 2000K to 6500K. A good rule of thumb is that the color temperature on the Kelvin scale tends to be warmer, with yellow or orange hues, if the values are lower; lights with higher values are cooler or blue in tone.

Warm White

According to lightology.com, opting for lights with a warmer color temperature is ideal, particularly 2700K. Lights within this particular color temperature are more inviting and replicate the comforting glow of an outdoor fire, making it perfect for creating a relaxing outdoor environment.


Warm White Lights

Cool White

Cool white generally isn't recommended if you are trying to create a warm and inviting outdoor space, as the cool, blue tones make this lighting seem more unnatural. Yet, there are times when a cooler color temperature lighting can enhance your landscape. If you have a blue spruce in your backyard, this type of lighting can actually enhance and bring out the attractive blue color of this natural beauty, particularly 6000K lights.

Cool White Lights

5 Ways to Hang Patio String Lights

Stringing Lights Overhead

The beauty of using string lights in your outdoor decor is that you can be creative with how you hang your lights. Whether you are using one strand or multiple strands of lights, you can add beautiful illumination to your outdoor living space.

Even a single strand of string lights can make an impact on your outdoor space. Just hang a strand or two of globe or Edison bulbs above your outdoor table for a sleek and simple look.

String Lights Over Outdoor Dining Table

Stringing several string lights overhead can also make an impact on your outdoor patio or balcony. Start by stringing them together, and then fanning them out over your outdoor living space.

String Lights Over Patio

Hanging Patio Lights on Pergolas

If you have a pergola, or other structure on your patio or deck, string lights along the perimeter of the frame. It will provide an attractive outline of the structure, as well as brighten your outdoor living space.

String Lights on Rooftop Patio

Want to add more light to your space? Then bring on the string lights! Add lots of string lights across the ceiling of your pergola to flood your space with light.

Patio Lights Ceiling

Don't have a pergola, fence or rafters to hang lights from? No problem! There are lots of other structures that you can hang or string lights on to effectively brighten your patio, lawn or other outdoor living space.

Brighten Up Your Patio Umbrella

Have a patio umbrella in the backyard? Simply string your lights around the inside of the umbrella! You can continue to enjoy a conversation with friends or family gathered around the patio table well after the sun goes down, as the lights will cast a soft glow overhead.

Patio Umbrella with String Lights

Alternatively, if you don't want to string lights on your patio umbrella, there are also solar LED patio umbrellas that will provide illumination in the evening too with no electrical outlet required!

Hanging String Lights on a Fence

Wrapping string lights around your fence will make an impact on your outdoor living space too. If you have a rustic split-rail fence, you can wrap your lights around each of the rails as shown below to add some twinkle to your landscape. 

String Lights on Rustic Fence

If you have a more traditional picket fence, you can drape the lights down the side of the fence to create a wall of light. This option provides so many possibilities to showcase your style. Go with white for basic attractive illumination. You could also play around with different colors to show your pride for different sports teams or switch up the colors for different seasons or holidays. The image below shows a set of green solar-powered LED string lights, perfect for spreading some holiday cheer! 


Hanging String Lights on a Tree

Make your backyard trees part of your backyard oasis by stringing lights from the branches of a large tree to the edge of your roof. This will create a connection to the natural elements of your landscape. 

String Lights on a Tree

Don't have large, robust trees? Simply weave the lights through the branches to incorporate lighting to your landscape.

Make Your Outdoor Living Space Glow

We hope that these tips will help you create the perfect outdoor living space for your home. Choose lights in warm hues to create a cozy atmosphere and hang them up on your pergola, trees, or any other structures around your backyard or patio.

Simply adding lighting to your patio can give it the warm ambiance you are craving. So string up a few lights outside and enjoy a cozy evening with family and friends.


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