10 Ways to Keep Patio Furniture Secure When the Wind Blows

Sitting on your porch or deck on a warm sunny day is a relaxing way to enjoy the great outdoors, but when the weather turns against you, your patio furniture can become a challenge. Chasing your patio table and chairs across the yard or even neighborhood and wrangling them back into place in your backyard can be a difficult task. Next time high winds are in the forecast, try out a few of the tricks below to keep your patio furniture firmly in place.

How to Secure Patio Furniture

Sandbag furniture weight

Cover and Weigh Them Down

Use heavy objects like canopy weights, bricks, or rocks to keep your patio furniture, cushions, and pillows from blowing away on windy days. The heavier your furniture is, the harder it will be for Mother Nature to tip it over and move it to your neighbor’s yard. To protect your furniture from marks or dirt and ensure your cushions stay in place, cover the sofa or chairs with a tarp before placing the heavy object on top.

Use Earthquake Glue

Although this method makes freely moving your patio furniture more difficult, it is an easy solution for keeping your tables and chairs in place during windy conditions. Earthquake glue is an easy and affordable option that can be found at most hardware stores. It was first created to prevent glass from falling or breaking during earthquakes but is also effective at keeping furniture in place when strong wind gusts blow through.

Plant a Windbreak Wall

Planting shrubs and other condensed plants creates a beautiful green backdrop for your patio and also helps to block out some wind. It is likely that air will still blow through during harsh wind conditions, but it will prevent large gusts from sweeping up lightweight chairs and knocking over tables.

Stack Chairs Up

Wind is less likely to blow over heavier objects, so stacking lightweight chairs on top of one another can help prevent them from moving across your yard. By stacking them, the weight of the chairs is combined and helps anchor them in place. Put the stack in a corner or near a wall to further block the wind.

Sunnydaze Patio Dining Set

Choose Heavier Materials

While shopping for patio furniture, consider the type of material the set is made from. If your area experiences frequent windy conditions, it is best to choose outdoor furniture made from heavier materials, like cast aluminum, wrought iron, or wood, so they are harder for the wind to knock over. Be sure to also consider the amount of weight you can safely move by yourself while shopping. These materials are harder for you to move too, not just the wind.

Bring them Indoors

Keep your furniture from escaping your yard or toppling over by moving it into your home, garage, or shed. If it isn’t outside, it can’t be affected by the wind. Foldable patio furniture makes this a much easier process, so choose foldable options to save on storage space in your home or garage. Using your patio furniture in your home can also be an easy way to update your indoor decor style while using pieces you already have.

Sunnydaze garden staples

Anchor Them to the Ground

Another way to prevent your patio furniture from tipping over or blowing away in the wind is to use garden staples or stakes to anchor them into the ground. Press a stake or staple over the leg or around the foot to hold your chair or table in place. Staples and stakes can easily be removed from the furniture when you are ready to move it to another part of the patio or store it away at the end of the season.

How to Secure Outdoor Pillows and Cushions

Sunnydaze deck box

Store Them in a Deck Box

Toss all those throw pillows and furniture cushions into a deck box to prevent them from blowing around. Choose a deck box made from mid-weight to heavy material to ensure it doesn’t tip over and spill out its contents. After placing your lightweight pillows and cushions in the box, latch it tightly shut to ensure it won’t blow open.

Sew on Hook and Loop Strips

If you’re a savvy sewer, you can use hook and loop strips to secure the cushions to your patio chair, swing, or bench. Find strips that are at least 1-inch wide by 1-inch long to sew directly onto the cushion. Sew one side to the cushion and glue the other to your piece of furniture. Finally, firmly press the cushion in place while making sure to line up the hook and loop strips.

Secure with Bungee Cords

Place your cushion on the patio chair, swing, or sofa and secure a bungee cord or two around it. The tension of the cord keeps the cushion from flying away without damaging it. This method can be used to group your patio furniture together to create a heavier cluster that wind won’t be able to topple.

There are many ways to secure your patio furniture and cushions to prevent them from being blown from your yard or patio. Not every method will work in all places due to the amount and direction of the wind, so try out a few things to determine what works best for you. If you use a different method for securing patio furniture, share your tricks with us in the comments below.

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