10 Stylish Ways to Hide an Artificial Christmas Tree Base

Christmas is right around the corner which means it’s time to put up the tree and decorate it for the winter holiday season. Christmas trees are one of the most customizable and traditional holiday decorations around. Whether you just add lights or stuff the tree full of ornaments, festive picks, and ribbons, you want your Christmas tree to look perfect. And after choosing ornaments carefully and thoughtfully placing them on the branches, the tree is standing beautifully and ready for the holidays - until you look at the base of the tree to see a boring stand bringing down the elegant look you worked so hard to create. But don’t lose hope! There are plenty of ways to hide a Christmas tree base that are stylish and complement any decor theme. Check out some of the ideas below to update your tree’s stand this year.

Christmas tree with lights and tree collar around the base

Tree Collars

­­Tree collars are a popular choice for covering up the base of a Christmas tree. They are available in many different colors, styles, and textures to fit almost any decor style. You can find collars that have a wicker design to resemble baskets or metal collars to replicate the look of a galvanized bucket. There are even tree collars made from plastic that have festive designs. Most tree collars come in 2 or more pieces to easily assemble around the base either before or after the tree is set up.

decorated Christmas tree in living room

Tree Skirts or Blankets

Neatly spread out a tree skirt around the base of your Christmas tree to complete the look. Tree skirts come in all colors, materials, and designs, so there’s sure to be one that fits your Christmas style, whether you prefer a traditional look, create your own winter wonderland, or turn your home into a living gingerbread house.

You can also use a knitted, faux fur, or velvet blanket to add texture and hide the tree base from view. Carefully wrap the blanket or bunch it up beneath the tree to cover the stand. You can also use any fabric you like, like burlap or silk, in the same way. Try arranging white tulle beneath the tree to make it look like it’s standing in snow. For even more magic, add white lights underneath the tulle for a warm twinkle.

decorated Christmas tree in a basket


An easy and beautiful way to hide the stand is by placing it into a basket. Baskets add a cozy element to the space, especially when combined with the twinkle of lights. If needed, you can cut the bottom out of a basket to make it fit around the stand better.

decorated Christmas tree in an urn planter


Setting your Christmas tree in a planter is an easy way to hide the base with something you may already have laying around. Planters are made from many materials, including metal, ceramic, plastic, or even wood to match any decor style. You can also use an urn planter to raise the tree off the floor a bit more and add character.

Christmas tree in a wooden crate

Wooden Crates or Barrels

Crates come in all sizes and can be stained or painted to match any aesthetic. Stained crates provide a rustic or industrial look, while colorfully painted crates add whimsy and fun to a holiday display. These are a great option because if you can’t find one that perfectly fits your style, they are easy to make and finish yourself!

Similar to wooden crates, barrels are also an easy way to add a country-inspired, rustic look to your holiday decorations. Place the tree in a barrel or simply set the tree on top of it to distract from the look of the plain, metal base.


Galvanized buckets or baths are perfect for hiding the stand of a Christmas tree. Buckets with a traditional, galvanized finish offer a rustic touch, while buckets with colorful paint finishes add a modern, fun touch to any Christmas tree.

Christmas tree with gift boxes beneath

Wrapped Boxes or Gifts

The easiest way to hide the base of the Christmas tree is to surround the bottom of your tree with wrapped presents. These can be gifts that you already intended to put there for family and friends or empty boxes that are wrapped in beautiful paper. Use boxes of varying sizes to create the perfect collage beneath your tree.

decorated Christmas tree with large ornaments beneath

Props or Trunks

Place large objects beneath the tree to hide the stand from view. Use large ornaments, sleds, skates, festive statues, or other decorations to draw the eye away from the stand. A vintage trunk or suitcase can also be a fun way to upgrade a Christmas tree stand.

Photo Frames

If you don’t want to spend money on a tree collar, but you have lots of picture frames that aren’t being used, try wrapping some frames with wrapping paper and arranging them at the bottom of your tree. Stand the frames up in a circle, square, or rectangle around the edges of the base to hide the metal frame easily.

Lamp Shade

Repurpose an old lamp shade by concealing the base of your Christmas tree with it. You can paint the shade or even cover it with fabric to give it a fresh look and new life.

Christmas tree in a basket with a tree collar around it

Take your Christmas decor to the next level this year by concealing the base of your Christmas tree in an aesthetically pleasing way. Doing so gives your home a designer look instantly. Check out this article for more tips on upgrading your artificial Christmas tree for even more Christmas decor magic!

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