6 Easy Tips to Upgrade Your Artificial Christmas Tree

It’s that time of year again! Time to bring out the decorations from the basement or attic and fill your house with Christmas cheer. After bringing all the bins and boxes of decorations into the living room, you decide it’s time to put up your artificial Christmas tree. You assemble the sections, stand them up on the base, take a step back to look at the tree… and what once was a beautiful tree is now looking a little flat. The branches are missing “needles” from years of use and are squished from months of storage. You notice large gaps in the tree, showing off the skinny trunk at the center. If this sounds like your artificial tree, never fear! We have some easy tricks to make your tree appear fuller and more realistic in no time.

Woman Fluffing Christmas Tree Branches

Fluff Each Branch

One of the easiest ways to make your tree appear fuller is by fluffing each branch. Separate each section from the next and pull gently on the branch tips to spread them out. Arrange and shape each tip for a natural, full effect. The most important thing to remember while fluffing is to take your time! It should take some time to get through your entire tree, but the end result will make the time spent worth it.

Watch our video to learn how to fluff a Christmas tree with ease!


Add More Lights

Another easy way to upgrade your artificial tree is to add new lights to it. If your tree is pre-lit, wrap a new strand of lights around sections that are burnt out to brighten it up. Add a double layer of lights to the tree for a brighter, more twinkly glow in your home. Try adding bulbs of different sizes to the tree for more visual interest and depth. Use mini lights and traditional large bulbs to fill in some of those dark gaps.

Add Garland, Wreaths, or Picks

Wrap garland through the branches to fill in empty spaces throughout your tree. Using a different style or branch color adds texture and depth to the tree, making it appear fuller. You can accomplish a similar look with wreaths also. Fluff the wreath branches in all directions to fit with the shape of your tree. Before completely assembling your tree, place the wreath on top of the bottom section and connect the middle section on top of the tree to hide it and fill in the center. Add another wreath on top of the middle section before adding the top of the tree. For smaller open spaces or edges, use real branches or artificial picks of pine, pinecones, or flowers to fill in gaps.

Sunnydaze Merry Berries Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree - 6'

Fill with Ornaments

Never underestimate the power of adding ornaments! Use ornaments of all sizes. Place the largest ornaments toward the center of the tree to help disguise the trunk and add a colorful backdrop for the front branches. Hang ornaments with a reflective finish all over the tree to reflect light and make the branches appear fuller. Imagine a diamond shape covering the entirety of your tree and follow that pattern as you place ornaments toward the ends of the branches. This helps to create a cohesive, symmetrical look and fills in gaps naturally.

Christmas tree decorated with ribbon

Decorate with Ribbon

Add ribbon around the branches of your tree to fill in the space between each row. You can also create bows to fill in the branches. Use different sizes and colors of ribbons for a festive look.

Consider the Top and Base

After you’ve decorated the branches of the tree, don’t forget to finish off the top with a dazzling tree topper! When choosing a topper, be sure to select one that isn’t too big or too small for the size of your tree. Finding the perfect sized topper makes the tree look complete after the decorating is done!

Be sure to hide the stand of your artificial tree with a tree skirt or collar. Usually artificial trees come with a plastic or steel stand that takes away from the grand beauty of the traditional holiday decor. Adding a tree skirt or collar finishes the look of any Christmas tree and is a great place to set presents to open on Christmas morning.

After trying out these ideas, your artificial Christmas tree should look fuller and just as beautiful as the first time you took it out of the box! If you know of any helpful secrets for sprucing up an artificial tree, share your holiday decorating tips below!

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