One of the most exciting parts of my job is collecting the amazing photos you all send in that show off our items around your home. Nearly every day I get to hear your feedback on how much enjoyment your purchase has brought you, even when we seem to be surrounded by much uncertainty lately.  

For those that are unaware, when you send in a photo of your Sunnydaze purchase to us, we in turn offer a $25 gift certificate toward your next purchase on our website. From there we share them to our growing Facebook page and even use them on our own product listings if they’re creative enough! 

As a way of saying thank you, we want to spread some more positivity and share some of the more interesting photos and testimonials we’ve collected over time.  


Photos Sent in by YOU! 

Matthew Showers 

The first photo we’d like to share comes from Matthew Showers. Here you can see him enjoying a cool citrusy beverage while basking under the dazzling lights of our Sunnydaze Solar LED Offset Patio Umbrella. 

Matthew says, 

Sunnydaze Solar LED 10-Foot Offset Patio Umbrella with Cantilever, Crank, and Cross Base. I've owned this for a couple years now, and it still works great! The lights on the umbrella are bright enough to create soft, cozy atmosphere. The umbrella is quite big, so I would advise to only use it under gentle wind conditions. Definitely would recommend!! 

Gretchen Levesque 

Our second photo comes from Gretchen Levesque, showcasing the Sunnydaze Caribbean Extra Large Hammock Chair. I mean who wouldn’t enjoy reading a good book outside in this hammock chair? 

Gretchen describes, 

This hammock is so comfortable, especially if you like to curl up or be in a lounging position. It's easy to stretch out your legs fully and still have your head supported. The color is more of a tan, rather than cream. It seems very well made. Finding the correct hardware to fit the top ring was tricky, but that's no fault of the product. It requires a larger sized carabiner. My whole family loves this hammock. SO perfect for quarantine time at home when we need to have some moments to break away from the rest of the family. 

Lisa Proch 

Next up is this photo from Lisa Proch of the Sunnydaze Dual Cascading Rock Falls Outdoor Garden Water Fountain. Here we see her new fountain prominently displayed on her porch near her garden. 

Says Lisa,  

What got me interested in this fountain was the main tiers it offered and I liked the sound I heard when I was initially considering this fountain. Now that I have purchased and have been enjoying for several months now, I am glad I made the purchase. I like that it holds a lot of water so that I don't have to refill constantly. It does a nice job of helping me imagine being next to a rolling stream/water fall. Probably my most favorite fountain yet. I even had a butterfly sit on top of it sunning itself. 

Elizabeth Gallaway 

Last but not least is this photo of our Sunnydaze Universal Multi-Use Heavy-Duty Steel Hammock Stand, sent in by Elizabeth Gallaway. I don’t know about you, but this photo definitely makes me want to go to my happy place and relax. 

Let’s hear what Elizabeth has to say. 

This sturdy hammock stand is rated for 550 lb. It matches my table and chairs, fits on my deck, was super easy to assemble, came with all the hardware I needed and pairs nicely with a Sunbrella 2-person hammock! [Sunnydaze Décor] kept me updated on the arrival date and it was delayed and then showed up sooner than expected. I expect to spend many spring, summer and fall afternoons lazing, dozing, and swinging in my new hammock - I've been wanting one for years and finally splurged for a Mother's Day gift for myself. 

It’s always a thrill to see what you all send in each day from all overAlthough we’re all in separate areas of the country physically, we all still share a collective aspiration to make our days a little sunnier.  

Next time you make a purchase on our website, be sure to send us your photo when your item arrives! We usually post them to our Sunnydaze Facebook page and occasionally they’ll be featured on our website’s item listing!