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Patio Chairs & Benches - Create a Place to Sit and Relax Outdoors

Make your backyard or lawn a place to sit and unwind after a busy day with our collection of patio chairs and benches. Whether you are looking for chairs to replace old, worn patio dining chairs that are part of a set or want to create a one-of-a-kind seating area, we'll have options that will fit your space. 


Give your backyard or patio timeless appeal with our selection of Adirondack chairs. Designed with their trademark reclined back, we offer Adirondack chairs in a variety of materials and colors that will fit seamlessly into your outdoor living space. Already have an Adirondack chair? Complete the look with one of our ottomans that are perfect for putting your feet up after a long day. We offer ottomans that are specifically designed to go with Adirondack chairs as well as inflatable options that are easy to take along and store.


Heading to the campground or simply want to relax around the fire pit? Our collection of zero gravity lounge chairs are a great option because they fold up for easy movability and provide ultimate comfort. Their unique design allows you to recline and feel weightless as you lay back and unwind.


A rocking chair is always a classic addition to an outdoor porch. Sitting and enjoying the soothing and rhythmic motion of the chair is simple way to relax. Plus, the mild exercise when using these pieces of furniture can provide lots of health benefits, such as stimulating circulation and improving balance.


Have you finished creating your ultimate outdoor bar or pub-style dining space? Finish the look with our selection of bar chairs. These seating options will give your outdoor a more casual and laid-back ambiance that is sure to make your guests feel welcome. 


When you want to enjoy cozy seating for two, you can't go wrong with a bench. We offer benches in a variety of configurations that will enhance your outdoor living space. Need extra storage space? We have benches designed with a storage area under the seat that is perfect for storing seasonal decor or cozy outdoor pillows and blankets when they are not in use. Benches are perfect seating options not only for the porch or patio, but for the garden as well.


What materials are best for the seating for my outdoor living space?

We offer a variety of outdoor seating options in different materials to best fit your outdoor living space style and environment. From beautiful natural wood, to sleek and stylish metal, our selection of outdoor seating will ensure that you have comfortable and fashionable options.


If you are looking for seating that features natural elements, we recommend adding wood furniture to your outdoor living space. We offer patio benches and chairs in a variety of wood types, including acacia, meranti, fir, chestnut, teak and more. To learn more about these different wood types to see which would fit best for your particular outdoor area, check out our blog post Comparing Wood Types for Outdoor Furniture.


Whether you have a traditional or more modern look for your backyard or patio, we also offer metal seating options that are strong and durable. Cast aluminum is a great option because it is lightweight, yet incredibly durable and requires little maintenance. If you are planning on not moving your furniture very often, steel is a good choice as it is heavy. This metal does have a tendency to rust, so look for options with a protective powder-coated finish that add resilience and sleek color. Wrought iron adds a classic look to outdoor patio furniture, and it is often utilized by restaurants and cafes because it is stylish and sturdy. While the natural properties of wrought iron make it resistant to rust, regular care and maintenance are necessary to prevent rusting.

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