Sunnydaze Outdoor & Indoor Fountains

Add All-Encompassing Charm to Any Outdoor Space!

Choose from a wide range of styles that are sure to enhance your home. Add a modern accent to your patio with a contemporary style water feature. Make your cozy farmhouse home more tranquil with our selection of rustic water fountains. 

Want to enhance the natural beauty of your landscape or garden? 

We offer nature-inspired rock, stone and tree trunk/log waterfall fountains that beautifully replicate these natural features, but with easy-to-maintain and durable materials. Add curb appeal to your home or lawn with one of our traditional tiered fountains that are reminiscent of those found in high-end courtyards and parks. 

Available materials to consider include:

  • artistic/pottery-inspired ceramic
  • modern and contemporary slate
  • wooden barrel
  • lightweight polyresin
  • fiberglass

Enjoy the Simplicity of Plugin Electric or Harness Power from the Sun!

On top of all the style options of water fountain features to choose from, power is another feature to consider. Sunnydaze decor offers a wide range of plug-in electric fountains that can run whenever needed. Simply plug the fountain into a standard outdoor electrical outlet and enjoy the soothing water sounds and serene atmosphere created by the streaming, flowing or bubbling water. 

Not looking to add extra to the electric bill? 

Solar-powered water features are another great selection! Solar fountains come complete with a solar panel and pump set. The solar panel connects to the pump and is placed in direct sunlight. In many cases the cord from the pump to the panel is 10-16 feet long so the fountain can be further away from the panel if needed. Combine the best of both worlds with water fountains that feature solar power with battery backup! These fountains include a pump and panel set but the panel includes a battery pack and the option to run it after the sun goes down with the push of a button. The battery pack will operate the fountain when it is charged in direct sunlight during the day.

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