Hammock or Hammick? - How to Pronounce Hammock

Nothing quite stirs the passions and raises debates quite like a lively discussion about how to pronounce a word. The existence of different languages and dialects makes pronunciations interesting. In the Sunnydaze offices, our marketing staff have often pondered the question: How do you pronounce the word “hammock”?

Why hammock? Hammocks are one of our best-selling products and we have received comments on the way in which we pronounce the word in our promotional videos.

How do you pronounce hammock?

Pronunciation of Hammock in Different Locations

Simply search “How to Pronounce Hammock” and Google will have a tool that provides an audio clip of the word. You can play it back it at a normal speed or slowly and can toggle between the American or British pronunciation. According to this handy tool, the second syllable of “hammock” is pronounced “ick.”

Google search of hammock pronounciation

Scrolling down the search results, you will quickly find some forums that have also raised the question as well. While reading through the comments and replies, it appears as though the differences in pronunciation mainly coincide with regional dialects. There are a variety of different pronunciations that were found in one forum thread alone:

  • Ham-Mick
  • Ham-Mehck
  • Ham-Mock
  • Ham-Muck
  • Ham-Merk

Regional Hammock Pronounciation

This video from YouTube, used to help non-English speakers with pronunciation, also utilizes the “ick” pronunciation.

Another video presents the American English pronunciation with “ick” but the British and Welsh English pronunciation sounds more like “uck.”

How Do You Pronounce Hammock?

However you say it, I think we can all agree that hammocks are comfy, cozy and a great addition to the backyard to relax outdoors in the summer. Our company is based in west-central Wisconsin and many of our employees pronounce hammock “ham-ock” (as in ham and then “ock” like pronouncing the first syllable of “octopus”), but we still have a few that will insist on “ham-mick.” We would love to hear your input on this debate! Let us know how you pronounce hammock and where you are from in the comments below.

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Alyssa Geary
Alyssa Geary
Alyssa Geary is a product specialist who loves the cozy ambiance that the right lights can bring to indoor and outdoor spaces. In the summer months, you’ll find her relaxing under the shade of an umbrella reading a good book, or scrolling through Instagram.


Lee Ann Adolf

My friends make fun of me because I say Ham mock . They all say Hammmick. . I say … say it like it’s spelled.


ham-mock. From MIchigan

Pamela V

Ham- mock. Sorry, there’s no I in the word anywhere!


Sorry-It’s ham-mock, just like it looks! 😄

Hayden Pode

I just had a school argument about is it “ham-ock” or “ham-ick.” I would have to say that it is “ham-ick.” If you look up the proper pronunciation of hammock, then you will see that it is pronounced “ham-ick” not “ham-ock” I rest my case.


My mom lives in Wisconsin and my dad in Indiana, i lived with my mom for like 11 years but i recently moved in with my dad. When I was having a conversation with my friend I was like yeah and I got a HAMMOCK but she was like what’s that-_- she pronounce it HAMMICK


Ham Hock, from Lancaster, PA


“Mock” from Lancaster, PA

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