Do Wind Chimes Scare Away Birds?

The garden is a soothing place filled with relaxing sounds.The gentle sounds of wind chimes and bird songs will help soothe your cares away. But can you enjoy both at the same time? Will the ringing of wind chimes actually scare away your feathered friends? The answer is… it’s complicated. Some people actually use wind chimes as a non-invasive way to keep birds out of their garden beds and water fountains while others have found a way to enjoy their wind chimes in a way that won’t scare off the birds in the area. No matter which camp you belong to, this article will cover how to effectively use wind chimes in your garden.

Will Wind Chimes Scare Away Birds?

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When it comes to birds, certain sounds can scare them away, at least initially. Small birds in particular are easily scared by loud noises. A set of wind chimes that creates loud clanging noises is likely to scare off the birds, especially if you live in an area that experiences a lot of wind. Even though birds are initially skittish, they will eventually adjust. As time passes they will become accustomed to the sound and return to your yard.

How to Use Wind Chimes to Keep Birds Out of My Backyard

Birds can be fun to watch and their beautiful songs add a touch of natural tranquility to any backyard. However, some people prefer to love birds from a distance. New grass seed or freshly planted garden beds can serve as an all-you-can-eat seed buffet for hungry birds and cleaning droppings off patio furniture and cushions is not a fun chore.

Even though birds can ultimately get used to the sweet notes of your wind chimes, there are ways to use wind chimes to deter birds from parts of your garden. In order to prevent them from growing accustomed to the sound of your wind chimes, move the chimes from place to place. Hang them from a porch ceiling, a tree branch, or a shepherd’s hook. To produce a louder sound, place the chimes in areas where they will receive the most wind. For the best results, hang multiple wind chimes in the area. Place them around their usual entry points into the yard as well as near the specific areas you want to keep the birds away from like fountains and vegetable gardens. If the birds become accustomed to your chimes, upgrade to a new set that is louder and more pronounced.

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Choosing the right chimes can also help. Birds dislike the sound of deep, loud chimes. In fact, small melodic chimes sound similar to bird songs so they might actually attract birds. In addition to the startling sounds, birds also dislike the reflective materials that can be used to create wind chimes. Look for bright, reflective wind chimes made of glass or metal or sets that have shiny, dangling chimes and pieces.

How to Prevent Wind Chimes from Scaring Away Birds

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On the other hand, if you love the sounds of wind chimes AND birdsong, there are ways for the birds and the chimes to live together in harmony. Avoid placing wind chimes around the birds’ favorite places like near bird feeders, bird houses or bird baths. You should also try and find an area that has some sort of natural wind block like trees or bushes. This way, a light breeze will pass through the chimes to create a soft, tinkling sound that both you and the birds can enjoy. In addition to small, high-pitched chimes, try bamboo chimes. These wind chimes are less noisy than their metal counterparts. Plus, they are not reflective so birds will not be visually deterred by them. No matter what type of chimes you use, if you are willing to be patient the birds will learn to tolerate your wind chimes and gradually return to your feeders.

When it comes down to it, wind chimes and birds are not necessarily “friends” but they don’t have to be mortal enemies either. Wind chimes can be part of your strategy to keep some boundaries between your home and the local birds, or they can be a calming accent that complements the lovely sound of natural birdsong. As long as you choose the right chimes and find the proper placement, you are sure to achieve the garden of your dreams.

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