8 Easy Ways to Make an Apartment Balcony More Private

Apartment living comes with many pros, like no worrying about lawn care or dealing with home repair, but it also has some cons, like noisy neighbors or little privacy (especially in outdoor spaces). The good news is there are ways you can make your outdoor balcony or patio feel a little more secluded from your neighborhood. Try out some of the ideas below to see what works best for you! Remember to check with your apartment management or landlord before making any modifications to ensure you comply with any regulations or restrictions.

Privacy Screens

An easy option for adding privacy to your balcony is setting up a privacy screen. They are specifically designed for this purpose and come in a variety of materials such as bamboo, wood, metal, or fabric, allowing you to customize the look of your patio. Choose from freestanding privacy screens, screens that fold, or attachable panels. They are also a fast way to add a decorative touch to any patio or balcony.

planter on railing of balcony

Greenery and Plants

Embrace the beauty of nature by adding plants to your outdoor space. Strategically placed potted plants, hanging baskets, and vertical gardens can act as natural barriers, blocking the view from prying eyes. Use tall plants like bamboo, tall grasses, or trellis climbers to create a living wall and bring a touch of natural beauty to your balcony. Place potted plants on a table or plant stand at the edge of the balcony to add height. Hang plants from the railing, ceiling, or walls to fill in some vertical space. To make it easier on yourself, choose plants that thrive in your climate and require minimal maintenance. Plants with dense foliage that grow well in containers are perfect for adding privacy.

outdoor curtains adding shade to balcony

Outdoor Curtains

For a quick solution and touch of elegance, hang up some outdoor curtains to keep people from watching as you sit on your balcony. Light, sheer fabrics can create a romantic ambiance while still providing some privacy, while thicker fabrics offer keep more light out and are harder to see through. Choose water-resistant materials to ensure the curtains can withstand consistently being out in the elements. Patio curtains are a great choice because you can open them when you want more light and close them when more privacy is required.

balcony with umbrella

Umbrellas or Shade Sails

In addition to providing shade on sunny days, large patio umbrellas or shade sails can double as privacy shields. Position them strategically to block unwanted views while adding a colorful element to your balcony. Plus, these methods can also offer privacy from apartment patios directly above you. If your balcony is small, try using a half umbrella to add shade above a bistro set.

Decorative Panels

Add a touch of style and privacy with decorative panels or room dividers made from wood, metal, or plastic. These panels come in a variety of designs, patterns, and colors, making it easy to personalize your outdoor space. Install them along the perimeter of your space or at strategic angles to create a partial enclosure to shield your patio while maintaining airflow and natural light.

outdoor blinds on balcony

Outdoor Blinds or Shades

Install outdoor blinds or shades for a versatile option. These adjustable coverings provide customizable privacy and shade and are available in different materials like wood or plastic. Outdoor blinds can be raised to let sunlight in or lowered to add privacy to outdoor gatherings.

egg chair on apartment balcony

Patio Furniture

Arrange your patio furniture in a way that maximizes privacy. Position items like sofas, chairs, or benches against walls, screens, or railings to create a cozy, secluded space. Set an egg chair up in the corner of the balcony facing inward to take up some vertical space.

outdoor rug draped over railing for privacy

Outdoor Rugs

Another way to add privacy to your balcony or patio is by draping an outdoor rug over the top of the railing to help cover the space between rungs. You could even hang a rug from the ceiling or balcony above and let it hang completely down to create a wall on either side of your patio. This is an easy way to add your own personal touch to your outdoor space.


Enhancing the privacy of your apartment balcony is essential for creating a personal retreat where you can relax and enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest. By incorporating privacy screens, plants, curtains, umbrellas, decorative panels, outdoor blinds, or vertical gardens, you can transform your balcony into a secluded oasis that suits your style and needs. Experiment with these easy and creative ideas to create the perfect balance of privacy and beauty in your outdoor space.

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I needed privacy too and found a wonderful way on the cheap.to fix my rented place.
I bought green chicken wire and a LOT of dull looking fake vines – never shiny they look too phoney. Bought green strong zip ties to attach the wire to the rail and proceeded to wrap the vines in and out of the holes. Took a few days only because I wanted to make it look thick and very lush.
All items were bought on line at the most common on line store that we all know. With green turf carpet also from that store, If I say so myself it looks fabulous and my friends are amazed because I’m not not a real handy person whatsoever.

Glenda Walker

Some great, creative ideas thank you

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