7 Easy Tips to Keep Your Patio Cool During the Hot Summer Months

It’s summer! The season of barbecues, yard games, pool parties, and bonfires. There’s so many things to do out in the sunshine. However, if the sun gets a little too bright, your patio can start to feel like a sauna and you’ll be forced to venture back indoors in search of air conditioning. Don’t let heat and humidity put a damper on your good time. Follow these simple tips to help keep your patio cool even when the sun is hot and keep the fun rolling all season long.

Tip #1 Seek Out Shade

Sunnydaze Solar LED Lighted 9' Aluminum Umbrella with Tilt & Crank - Awning Stripe

One of the simplest ways to make your patio cooler is to add some shade to your patio, and fortunately there are a number of ways that you can achieve this. If you’re looking for an easy fix during the hottest times of the day, a patio umbrella is a stylish addition to your patio. They are available in a wide range of colors and styles so you can find something that matches your outdoor style and protects your patio table or seating area from the worst of the sun’s rays. Another temporary and portable fix is a pop-up canopy. These convenient structures assemble in minutes wherever you need a bit of cover.

For a more permanent option, consider a gazebo or a pergola. These sturdy structures ensure that you will always have a shady spot during sunny days. Plus, they are spacious enough to provide shade for a number of people, making them great for entertaining outdoors. For even more cooling options, use sidewalls or outdoor curtains to enclose the structure.

Tip #2 Ceiling Fans

Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are no longer just for the bedroom or living room. They can also be a convenient addition to your screened-in porch. Ceiling fans do not actually lower the temperature of an area, but they provide some much needed breeze and keep the air from becoming stagnant. Before shopping, make sure that you look for ceiling fans that are outdoor-rated. Outdoor ceiling fans are especially effective when paired with an outdoor misting system.

Tip #3 Add a Rug

Sunnydaze Abstract Impressions 7x10 Outdoor Patio Area Rug in Golden Fire

There’s nothing worse than having to skip across hot patio stones or a wooden deck on your bare feet. Adding an outdoor rug will help protect your bare feet on the way from the pool to the house. In addition to putting a layer between your toes and the floor, they also help keep your floor insulated so it won’t get quite as hot. Plus, outdoor rugs are designed to resist water and heavy traffic so it will last season after season and add a fun pop of color to your space.

Tip #4 Choose Colors and Materials Wisely

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The colors and materials of your patio furniture and decor can affect the temperature of your outdoor space more than you would think. In general, lighter colors will absorb less heat than darker colors meaning that the surface will not be as hot. Choose light, airy colors like beige, light gray, or white for cushions, furniture, or wall colors to create a cooler patio. Plus, this will give your patio a refreshing, beachy decor look. Materials can also play a role. Natural materials like jute, cotton, hemp, or wicker are lightweight and typically feature lighter colors to help keep your patio cool.

Tip #5 Cold Drinks

Sunnydaze Pebbled Galvanized Steel Ice Bucket Drink Cooler with Stand

On a hot day, nothing hits the spot like a refreshing beverage. Great for entertaining, there are a number of cooler options that will keep your guests hydrated and cool while still blending flawlessly into your decor. If you have an outdoor bar or bar set, take full advantage of it during warm days. Add a beverage bucket filled with ice or use one of our cooler side tables to keep the drinks flowing.

Tip #6 Plant Trees and Bushes

Sometimes nature provides the best solutions. Growing trees and bushes on your property provides an impressive amount of shade and helps block the sun’s rays. When choosing and planting trees or bushes, be sure to take your neighbors into consideration. You do not want to grow anything that could extend onto their property or block their view. You must also consider which type of tree you want to plant. Deciduous trees like birches and maples are a good choice because they will still allow sunlight through during the winter months. Consider the full height and root spread of a fully mature tree as you choose the best option for your yard.

Tip #7 Add Water

Sunnydaze 3-Tier Cornucopia Outdoor Water Fountain - 61" H

When it comes to keeping cool, there are some obvious benefits to adding a swimming pool to your backyard, but did you know that even adding a smaller water feature like a water fountain can help beat the heat? It’s true. The circulating water helps absorb some of the heat in the air to provide a small cooling effect. Plus, studies have shown that the sound of running water can psychologically help you feel cooler.

Heat can be the best and worst thing about the summer season. Fortunately, a few tips and tricks is all it takes to enjoy fun in the sun. For more fun ideas on how to spend your summer outdoors, check out our outdoor living blogs.

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